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Chapter 1: Introduction To Yin And Yang

Chapter 2: Yin And Yang Can Be Used In Medicine

Chapter 3: Practicing Yin And Yang Chapter 4: Yin, Yang And Physical Illness

Chapter 5: Emotional Healing

Chapter 6: Mental Healing

Chapter 7: Spiritual Healing

Chapter 8: Yin And Yang Healing Sessions

Chapter 9: Getting Information

Chapter 10: The Drawbacks To Not Understanding Yin And Yang

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Yin And Yang Can Be Used In Medicine


A simple Taoist philosophy, this concept originated from ancient china. Following the never ending illusion, each force enfolds the other in perfect harmony.

The two forces involved are yin also known as the feminine element and yang as the masculine element. Both these elements are essential parts of the yin and yang concept as neither element can exist in complete isolation from the other; rather they coexist to complement each other.

A More In Depth Look

The yin and yang concept is applied in many areas with successful results. One such area is in the practice of the Chinese classic medicine field. The harmonious energies and functioning of the various organs and body parts working together is the reason optimum health is achieved. Loosely explained the right balance of negative and positive must achieve the psychic equilibrium in the quest for good health and longevity.

Thus learning and practicing the concept behind the yin and yang term is most beneficial to the perfect co existence of any entity. In pursuing this concept, the ability to blend and use everything in moderation is learnt and practiced to great advantage.

Using the yin and yang concept, illness are seen as a disturbance in the balance of the body which are caused by emotions, heat, cold, or other influences, thus in making a diagnosis and recommending treatment is done with the specific intention of restoring this balance.

Even basic elements like water and fire have the yin and yang connection. The reasoning that one cannot work without the other is the basis of these forces. Too much of either or too little of either will result in the imbalance of the yin and yang. Similarly light and darkness is referred to in the same manner. Each complimenting the other but neither overpowering is the way to keep the ideal balance of yin and yang.

Chapter 3: Practicing Yin And Yang


Understanding the concept of yin and yang is most important before deciding to venture further into this art form. The basic concept, put plainly would be that the vital energy flowing though everything is somehow intertwined.

Also noted are the presence of two contrasting elements which to complement each other rather than to overpower the other. Everything living contains this energy, which to reach its optimum must always strive to stay in perfect balance.


Practicing healing through the yin and yang concept has long been around. The healers or sages focus mainly on getting back the right balance of the elements in any given scenario.

Identifying which force is dominating and in fact causing the imbalance to occur in the first place is the first step. Illnesses are deciphered this way too.

The weakness, coldness and under activity of an elements will be classified as yin, while the forceful movements, heat and over activity are termed yang. As the end goal is to regain the fundamental principal balance of the elements, identifying a suitable style of treatment is also just as important.

Some of the treatments involve the use of acupuncture, some herbal medicine treatments, or concoctions, some using the cupping style therapy, exercises like qigong, to name a few.

Therefore understanding the fundamentals of the body system is a definite prerequisite for a healer or practitioner of this art form of healing.

The breathing patterns and how each system intertwines with the others to work as one entity must be fully understood before a healing session is started. As in everything discovered and tried, there are bound to be some divinations. One such divination is the practice of exploring the psychological patterns by the seemingly simple act of coin or yarrow stalks tossing. The fall of the objects determine the advice given.

Chapter 4: Yin, Yang And Physical Illness


There are many ways to treat a negative physical or mental condition today. The holistic approach, the scientific approach, the traditional approach and of course the ever present exploitation approach.

Hence in order to find the best and most suitable style to appeal to the individual’s circumstances, spending some time doing a little research is well worth the time and effort.

About Health

The yin and yang way of approaching the healing issue or process has been around for a long time. Originating in ancient china this art form of healing and generally keeping a balanced and happy existence was very common.

Today more and more people are seeking such forms of treatment when faced with problematic physical and mental conditions, as these present a new approach, as opposed to the medical methods available.

Simplifying the explanations regarding the processes or treatment styles, allows the individual with limited prior knowledge on yin and yang to gain more insight into this art form.

By applying the principles of yin and yang effectively, many aspects like nutrition, complementing medications, life style practices, metabolic rates all play and important part in creating the balance for the healing process to begin and end successfully.

Most of the imbalances are centered around the negative energy it carries, thus commencing programs like detoxifications are also recommended.

Another recommendation is to keep the attitudes and mindset always in check in favor of balancing the mental harmony of an individual.

Some advocate balancing yin and yang by reducing stress levels through regular exercise routines, spiritual development, removal of toxic metal and chemicals build ups from the body system regularly. All these elements, when corrected or kept in check, should translate to a more balanced yin and yang scenario, thus creating the perfect harmony existence.

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