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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Overview-what is a ghostwriter
Part 1: Starting your business
1. Finding your niche
2. Honing your skills
3. Organizing your time
4. Making a business plan
5. Five Ways to Find Time to Relax as a Ghostwriter
Part 2 Marketing
6. 7 ways to market-online
7. 5 tips for website promotion
8. How to Add Value to Your Work as a Ghostwriter
9. Promoting yourself
10. Analyzing your most wanted customers
11. Finding your customers
Part 3 Expanding your business
12. Retaining customers
13. Expanding services
14. Outsourcing-how to find good providers
15. Pitfalls to avoid
16. Easy Ways For Making Money as a Ghost Writer
17. 7 Tactics To Become a Better Writer
18. 7 Steps To Help You Write a Better Article
19. Insider Secrets to Speed Writing

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Introduction: Overview-what is a ghostwriter

He knows how to write – wonderfully and creatively. He does the research, the cleaning up or everything from the research to the writing to the polishing. He does the work but he does not get credit for the quality of the work he provides. Sometimes, he might get an occasional thank you, an acknowledgement from the ‘author’ whose name appears on the article’s byline or on the book cover – but most of the time, the reading public never even knows his name. He is read but not read of. He is the ghostwriter.

The Ghostwriter’s Job Description

The name itself says it all. He is a writer who has noteworthy talent but who remains virtually unrecognized and unacknowledged – just as a ghost is supposedly felt but not seen. A ghostwriter is someone who does either one of two things.

On the one hand, he can be one who collects and assimilates information. From such information, he’ll write a story, a blog post, a press release, an article, a book, or whatever copyrighted and published (electronic or otherwise) content.

On the other hand, he can be one who is tasked with transforming a raw manuscript from gibberish (or nearly gibberish) to a brilliant piece of work worthy of publication. In this case, the actual author under whose name the work will appear has the information required or has the bare bones of the book or article but further editing and polishing is required to make the piece become less mediocre, more technically accurate, more readable, or a combination of these and other objectives.

A ghostwriter is tasked with writing many different things. These tasks vary according to the ghostwriter’s specialty, skills, competencies, and clients. Usually though, the services of a ghostwriter is utilized frequently for hardbound and paperback books. These books can be fiction or non-fiction and can be about a wide range of topics.

On the other hand, because of the internet’s popularity and the slant towards internet advertising and marketing, a ghostwriter may also be asked to ghostwrite press releases, news articles, informational copy, e-books, and blog entries. In some cases, a ghostwriter is even asked to write under various pseudonyms to promote a business, a product or a service online.

There are also ghostwriters for academic essays and publications. In such cases, the ghostwriter makes an essay, a research paper, a journal article, a thesis, or a dissertation for a student or an academician willing to pay for the service.ormation. Credibility is one of the most important things for running your own business, especially in the online world.

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