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Having said that, my deepest wish is that one, or some, or all of these ideas will make you crazy successful in whatever endeavor you use them in.

Oh, and please feel free to share this book with anyone you like. However please note that this is a FREE e-book! You are welcome to use this e-book as a gift to your newsletter subscribers, a bonus to purchasers of your product or service, or a thank you gift to your affiliates. Feel FREE to pass this e-book along to anyone you choose. You may not, however, claim ownership of, sell or modify the contents of this FREE e-book in ANY way! If you give it away, you give it away for FREE and without making ANY changes.

If, as you’re going through this e-book, you find links that no longer work, ideas that are no longer correct or (heaven forbid!) legal, or if you have an idea yourself that you’d like to share (I’ll include it in any future editions with a hyperlink to your site, too!) please let me know by sending me an e-mail at

Please be kind and don’t use that e-mail address to send me your spam . Thanks.

Also, let me point out that this book is full of ideas that are free or almost free. If there is any cost at all involved with the idea I’ve marked it with this sign: $ If there’s no sign, it’s completely and totally free.

Looking forward to your success!

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