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Essential requirements

In terms of character traits, you need to be able to work under pressure. The pressure normally comes in the form of a deadline. You also have to have solid critical thinking skills and you have to be a self starter. This means you don’t require somebody to look over your shoulder. Your boss doesn’t have to shake your cage so you can get motivated to work. At the very least, you must be able to deliver what’s expected of you at the expected time.

Finally, you have to have solid English communication skills. This can’t be emphasized enough. You have to write and document what you did for your employer. Now, a lot of times, this is taken care of by project management software.

You’re given a series of assignments and you just plug in what you did and at what time and you are done. Well, it all depends on the set up. Some virtual assistant arrangements are more informal than others while others require specialized tracking software.

In fact, some virtual assistant jobs have a “status check” software installed on your computer. This enables your employer (with your full legal permission) to check your screen at any given time within the block of time you agreed to work.

This will let them know if you’re playing online poker or messing around online or actually doing the work they pay you.

Different arrangements

What I would suggest is you try to get a virtual assistant project that pays based on outcome instead of time. The problem with working on a time based basis is that it feels like you’re working at an office. Sure, you’re working from the comfort and convenience from your home. But your time is severely restricted.

This is made worse when your boss can check your status by checking your screen. By shifting to an outcome based arrangement, your boss will pay you for results. The results are pretty straightforward in a typical virtual assistant arrangement.

Either you set up the appointment, either you looked up the clients and made contact or you didn’t. Either you booked tickets or not. These either or situations can easily be documented. This way, you don’t have to constantly watch over your shoulder and have to worry about some sort of virtual surveillance by your employer.

You only need to send them the right reports at the right time. They can verify them, they can double check them, and once everything checks out, you can then move on to the next task. Of course this is not always possible. So make sure you look at the project details before signing up for a virtual assistant job.

These details do vary from employer to employer.

While a large chunk of CSR work moved overseas, there is still space for senior citizens in the United States to become CSR or call center workers. The key here is specialization. The great thing about inbound sales that requires specialized knowledge is that people are calling in regarding a particular product or concern and you can easily scale up the interaction so they end up buying something more valuable than what they originally thought.

In many cases, they end up buying something when they just called in to ask a question.

Types of tasks

Different call center jobs have different configurations. The best paying ones involve some sort of sales. Now, please understand that this doesn’t mean that you have to become some sort of used car salesman with all the necessary cheesiness and obnoxious behavior. It doesn’t have to be like that.

In many cases, within an environment of simply responding to people’s needs, you can up-sell them to higher value products or service packages.

Here are the most common skills required in a customer service environment.

Resolving issues
Answering questions
Analyzing the callers concern and directing that person to the right resource
Doing analysis and listening to the customer at the same time
Documenting the interaction
Listening to the customer and analyzing their actual needs
Meeting quality standards
Solving problems
Knowing product issues
Knowing marker concerns
Basic phone skills

The key to making money as a specialized call center agent If you are based in the United States and you’re a senior citizen looking to make money as a call center agent, the key is to know your stuff backwards and forwards. When somebody calls and they realize that you really know their stuff and you can help them solve their problems, it’s very easy to upsell them.

Since you get paid based on commission, you can possibly earn lots of extra cash being a specialize ‘upsell’ call center agent. How? People call in for customer support. You solve their issues then try to sell on a related service package.

This is a general heading for senior citizens looking to do work on the Internet. There are many different types of freelance jobs you can take. But there are general similarities. When you work as a freelancer, you work based solely on your own time.

What kind of jobs can you do on a freelance basis?

Generally speaking, the most common freelance work available online involves writing. Please understand that there are many different types of materials people hire writers for. Here’s a short list of freelance writer work currently available.

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