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White Label vs. Private Label

There are two main types of product licensing when it comes to selling products that other people have created. They’re similar, but slightly different, so it’s important to know the difference.

Private label rights (PLR) products are those that have been created by other people, and you purchase them for a relatively low price, and then you can edit them, change the name, claim you created them, and sell them for any price you wish.

Within the PLR marketplace, you will find many different licensing offers, some allowing you to resell the content AND the rights to others, while other licensing prevents any distribution or transfer of rights, meaning that you can only resell PERSONAL copies of the product.

This is quite often the most valuable license of all because you can rest assured that the product will be limited in distribution, and not quickly saturated within the market. Stricter licensing rights also means less competition as you will be one of only a few people to ever have the rights to resell or distribute the material.

White label is slightly different. Instead of having to spend time editing a product, setting up a website to sell it, and handling payments, refunds, delivery, etc., you market a product someone else created, but it’s done under YOUR name, as if it were YOUR product.

Depending on the license, you may still have to handle payments yourself, and provide customer service, support, and manage refunds. Sometimes a lot of that will be done for you, similar in the way you’d promote an affiliate product. The main difference is that you pay an upfront fee for white label rights, and you can generate a lot more money than you would if you promoted the product as an affiliate.

You also get all the benefits of having your own product, especially building your own brand and reputation, instead of someone else’s, but without all the hassles associated with product creation.

When you sell a white label product, you usually get to keep all, or most of the sale price, but usually with an upfront fee involved. After this initial investment, which is usually considerably less than it would be to create the product on your own, you keep all of the profits.

Both white label and private label products can be extremely profitable, allowing you to build your name without having to create your own products. It just doesn’t get any easier!

Sourcing Products

There are many different places to source white label and PLR products. If you’re in a niche market, it may be more difficult because there’s no one place to source a wide variety of white label products. You’ll have to contact individual product sellers and inquire about acquiring rights.

However, if you’re in marketing, it will be considerably easier, because there are lots of places to get great deals on white label and private label rights products.

A great place to start is with the products from ExclusiveNiches:

>> https://www.exclusiveniches.com

They have a lot of different products in sub-niches of the internet marketing niche, so you should be able to find something that will fit within your overall marketing plan.

You’ll pay just one upfront fee, and then you can sell the products under your name, and keep 100% of the profits.

Another great way to source products in the internet marketing niche is by signing up for the email lists of all the most popular marketers. Many marketers offer white label rights to their products from time-to-time, and may offer PLR, or reseller rights as well.

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