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Behcet’s Disease
Atopic Dermatitis
Alopecia Areata
Epidermolysis Bullosa
Discoid lupus erythematosus
Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation
Diaper Rash
Head Lice

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Behcet’s Disease

What is it?

Behcet disease has different names that it is known for. For instance, it is also known as Behcet’s syndrome, Morbus Behcet, or the Silk Road disease. Simply put, Behcet disease is a form of vasculitis that will then lead to ulcerations and other kinds of lesions. It is interpreted as a chronic disruption to the normal functioning of the body’s immune system.

The immune system is the body’s system that normally protects the body against various infections via controlled inflammation. In Behcet disease, the immune system becomes overactive and results in unpredictable outbreaks of inflammation that has been exaggerated. This exaggerated inflammation affects the blood vessels, especially the small ones like the capillaries.

As a result of the aforementioned condition, symptoms then occur whenever there is a presence of an inflammation, which is, in fact, anywhere where there is a blood supply.

Why is it called Behcet disease?

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