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Table of Contents

Are You Making This Mistake?_________________________________5
Never Trust Your Website Host!_________________________________6
Your Site Is Your Responsibility_________________________________7
The Importance Of MYSQL DATABASES________________________8
How to backup your Website____________________________________8
Using C-Panel_____________________________________________8
Disadvantages Of Using Cpanel_____________________________12
How To Make Automatic Website Backups With FullSync_______12
Using AutoMySQLBackup For Your Databases________________16
What AutoMySQLBackup Does_____________________________19
How Often Should You Schedule Your Back-up Routines?__________20
You Have Been Warned!______________________________________20

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I want you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you are running a successful online business that affords you all the luxuries life has to offer.
You are living the dream, doing what you want, when you want; you live where you please, taking vacations on a whim, waking up when you feel like it, enjoying the “good life” in your lavish beach home. (Can you feel the warm ocean breeze against your face?)

Now open your eyes and let the vision fade from your mind…

It is difficult to let go of this dream, is it not?

Now imagine a nightmare scenario where you in fact had the successful online business, the beach house, the dream life, and you had no choice but to let it all go because you forgot to follow the number one rule of online marketing:

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