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There has been a lot of research into the best days to send out webinar invitations and the conclusion was that Tuesday or Wednesday were the best. You should experience the best open rates and conversions on these days. Again you need to avoid Mondays, Fridays and the weekends.

This is obvious but you need to remember to do it. You could add a “webinars” section on your site if you are planning to run several webinars. Use a method to notify visitors to your home page and all of your inner pages about your upcoming webinars.

Most people send and reply to a lot more emails than they realize. Adding a signature about your webinar to your email is a very easy thing to do. Don’t overcomplicate this. A one line signature with the major benefit of your webinar is ideal. Add a link to your webinar landing page from your signature.

If you use the WordPress platform for your website then you can use a widget to ensure that details of your webinar appear on every single page. Your home page is likely to be your most visited followed by your “About” page. With a site wide widget you can add a square banner to your sidebar so that visitors to any page on your site will see it..

You need to make it as easy as possible for your site visitors to sign up for your webinar. One of the ways that you can do this is to embed the landing page (webinar registration page) on your site instead of linking to an external URL. If you publish a post about the subject of your webinar you can embed the landing page at the end for example.

You can publish content related to your webinar subject on your website and your social media profiles as well to generate more interest. Content marketing is very effective if you use it correctly.

You will have social media profiles associated with your business so make regular posts about your webinar on all of your accounts. Add some value to your posts rather than just posting a notification.

Use images and videos as much as possible.

Have your promotional images for your webinar created in advanced. Videos are very powerful so commit to creating a short promotional video that you can use on your site and your social media accounts.

If your webinar is business related then you should make a number of posts on LinkedIn about the subject. Invite likes and comments so that you can reply with details of your upcoming webinar. The more likes and comments that you get on your posts the better, as this will help to rank your posts higher with the LinkedIn algorithm.

There are online forums available for most niches so make sure that you are a member of these and make valuable contributions. Write a post about your webinar subject and then let forum members know about your webinar. Be sure to follow forum rules and guidelines to ensure your posts are not deleted.

If you do not have a large email list in your niche then you can contact influencers and large list owners to discuss a potential collaboration with your webinar. There needs to be something in it for them when you do this so you could agree to provide a commission on sales through the webinar for example.

Influencers in your niche are going to have people on their lists that you are very unlikely to reach with your own promotional methods. Sharing commissions with these people is a small price to pay for building your list with their followers.

Having a well known influencer in your niche contribute to your webinar can significantly increase the number of attendees. Many people may not have heard of you but they will know the influencer and that will be enough for them to register. They will get to know you during the webinar as well. It is a complete win-win.

You can find solo ad providers that have large email lists in your niche. If your webinar is about making money online then there will be no shortage of solo ad providers you can use. Check out the track record of any solo ad provider before you go ahead. You can find them on Facebook for example so be sure to read the comments about them.

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