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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sleep Deeper, Wake Better

Chapter 3: Sleep That We Need

Chapter 4: Insomniac’s Deal

Chapter 5: Energy Boosts from Short Exercises

Chapter 6: Boost energy with Healthy Diet

Chapter 7: Set your mind’s alarm clock

Chapter 8: Practice meditation before sleep and after wake up

Chapter 9: Managing stress the smarter way

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 8:

Practice meditation before sleep and after wake up


Sometimes with all the issues in life and things to keep up life becomes similar to a roller coaster ride. Having all these in your mind, you tend to stay in bed all night fully awake and having a hard time putting yourself to sleep. You should never deprive yourself of sleep and a good rest, without having that, you will wake up the next day feeling down, cranky or impatient. This is not something healthy for you, your family and your work.

With so many things on your mind it is impossible for you to relax even during the time you close your eyes. There are people who fix on little things and consider them a life threatening situation if it is undone which causes them to stop relaxing even if there is a need to do so. These are people who even worry about things if their backs are already touching the bed.


You need to understand how important sleep is and you must submit yourself on practices that may reward you with a chance to prioritize daily rest and good night’s sleep. If your mind always floats back to your issues at work or your family problem even if your body is already telling you to sleep, maybe it is time for you to start meditating.

Pressure is what keeps your mind wandering off instead of getting to rest. Practicing meditation can truly provide you with the solution your body needs. Taking sleeping pills is not a healthy option since it can be dangerous to you if you become addicted to them. Meditation on the other hand will allow you to have a good sleep.

Practicing meditation before sleep and also after waking up will allow you to have a relaxed mind. It may be a little difficult when you are still starting but as you get used to it, it will work like magic.
It always starts by preparing yourself for your intention. Giving yourself a relaxing bath and making your whole body calm by massaging your arms, hands and all the other parts of your body which you feel stressed and tired.

When you finally feel your entire body is comfortable and nothing feels stiff you can sit down on a chair with your back straight. Let your feet touch the floor firmly and then close your eyes taking long and steady breath in and out of the nose. Repeating this three to five times will help clear what is in your mind.

When you are freeing your mind from all your worries you can breathe in slowly counting to three and then breath it out counting up to six and do this breathing pattern seven more times.

After this, lie on the bed with your stomach touching it with your arms folded and cheeks resting on them. Just focus on the rising and falling of your breathing and allow your mind to dwell on that relaxing moment.

Once you have gotten used to this, you can also try just sitting down while you meditate and relax yourself. Doing this daily before sleep and when you wake up will absolutely free your mind from stressful concern. A healthier happy you will come out from it too.

Chapter 9:

Managing stress the smarter way


Have you ever seen a successful corporate executive who does not look slick and stress free? Rarely can you tell when they are stressed out and that is because they expertly learned how to successfully manage the level of stress they are in. They are smart enough to know that if they walk around in a disarrayed state and let their subordinates see them that way, these people will also be affected or doubt their leadership capabilities too.

You do not need to be a corporate executive to be able to battle stress and appear great in front of people. You can actually find a way to eliminate your worries and stress producing concerns and live a happy life each and every day. You must first understand that there are two types of stress and be able to identify which is which. Eustress also known as positive stress is the type of stress we need for our health. The one we need to stop doing is called episodic acute stress.

Being Smarter

Stress in general is the reaction of the body by releasing a sudden energy burst which causes hormones to shuffle and this can be draining if it becomes too much. Eustress is giving you a positive effect since it makes you relax and allows you to feel positive such as bungee jumping, going out on your first date with a long time crush or just simply having a quick speedy slide down the ski slope. Anything that can make you feels the rush and makes your adrenaline pump.

Episodic acute stress on the other hand is the type that drains your energy with no positivity in it. Dwelling on an unfortunate event of your life or worrying about unpaid bills is one of them. If you are smart enough how to turn all these negatively causing issues into something that will become beneficial to you, you will be free from the stress that eats you up causing you to become unproductive.

Once you realize how to determine the type of stress you are in, you can easily find ways to remove or at least minimize the effects it will do for you. But in order for you to do that, you need to have a healthy mind to come up with working ideas. Living a healthy life is the key to this. Eating the right kind of food and doing exercise will allow you to live in this state of health.

Remember that the reason why you are in a stressful situation is because you were not able to foresee the events that caused it. If your mind is clear from worries and useless concerns, you will have a backup plan to solve it in case it arises. The smart way to deal with stress is absolutely having a relaxed healthy life. There will be times that you will be affected by it because that is normal, but being resilient is something that you can be. A healthy mind will give you ideas to bounce back and get back on the race again.

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