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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction Page 4
Chapter 2: An Overview Of The System Page 5
Chapter 3: Starting Your Viral PDF Page 7
Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Website Hosting Page 11
Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Auto-responder Page 13
Chapter 6: Promoting Your Sign-up Page Page 15
Chapter 7: Advanced Promotion Techniques Page 17
Chapter 8: Conclusions Page 20
Chapter 9: Recommended Resources Page 21

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In this guide you are going to learn the secrets to generating huge amounts of traffic to your website, and building a list you would not have thought possible. Honestly I am holding nothing back in this report, and I know you have heard this before, but you just hit the jack-pot!

Let us be clear. The reason you want this book is because you probably have a website, and possibly you are even building a list. However, you are not getting the results you thought you would. I know the feeling, and I have been there myself. Everybody tells you it’s a walk in the park to build a huge list and make money online, but if you have tried it I am sure you have discovered it’s not as easy as all that.

In fact, building a proper online business can be downright hard! The problem is that the vast majority of online courses and books are written by people who simply have no clue about what they are teaching…it’s the blind leading the blind. In this guide you are going to learn how to do it right, and by someone who has actually done it themselves.

If I say it works, it’s because I have tested it and know it works!!

The method I am going to teach you involves using simple little ebooks that you can either write yourself, or use PLR/MRR ebooks. Then you take that ebooks and you give them away, and this can make you money. Don’t worry all will be explained by the end of the book. Like I said, I am not another guru feeding you a happy little story that only works in theory, I am going to tell you how to go about making this work for you…warts-an-all!!

There will be some work involved and I am not going to lie to you. Any business worth owning is going to take effort to get started. The difference between this business and most others is that we are going the viral route. This means that once we do the hard work of setting everything up, it keeps on selling itself for years to come.

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