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JV Invite Video

Your JV invite video is most effective if it features you in “talking head” format. You should describe your product thoroughly as well as all the details of your launch. This means you should mention your funnel and commission model, your contest and prizes, and so on. Ultimately your video should end by thanking JVs for considering your launch and repeating your invitation.

Funnel and Commission Model

Your sales funnel diagram would typically be the same place you lay out your commission model. Ideally, you should have a graphical representation of each step in your funnel indicating all of the upsells and downsells along with the commission percentage for each of those steps and the price of each of those products. Include any different pricing options you have for each of those products. You may specify what each step or product is on this diagram or it is also acceptable to simply label them as OTO 1, 2, etc., but expect some JVs to contact you and ask what those OTOs are.

Contest and Leaderboard

Usually your contest and leaderboard will be together in the same section. You’ll want to show images of your contest prizes if they are physical items as well as other details (i.e. if you’re offering cash alternatives for people who don’t want the physical prizes). If you have minimum sales requirements for each prize, list those clearly. But be warned, a lot of JVs don’t like minimum requirements.

As for the leaderboard, you’ll want that posted above or below the contest info. You can manually update the leaderboard yourself periodically or you can use an embedding tool that automatically updates it based on the data from JVZoo, W+, etc. It is not necessary to show the number of sales the contestants are making on the leaderboard and most marketers keep this private.

JV Email Opt-in Form

You’ll be wanting to update your JVs every day on how the launch is going and to encourage them to keep promoting. To do this, you’ll need their email address. You should have an easily visible opt-in form for JVs to sign up. An added benefit of this is that on later launches you’ll have a list of JVs that you can email and notify about your launches.

DFY Bonuses

In order to make life easier on your JVs, encourage them to promote, and help them get higher conversions, you should provide done-for-you bonuses. These can simply be repurposed PLR/MRR content (check the licenses and make sure you can use them as bonuses) that you place into a zip file and provide a download link on the JV page. For a course on how to make these bonuses look gorgeous and appealing, see our Viking Bonus Creation course.

Once you’ve got your bonuses, you’ll want to go the extra mile and create a bonus template. This simply means creating an html or WP page with those bonuses on them, maybe some images and a few headlines about your product with a CTA stating “grab these bonuses when you buy [your product] through our link”. You then place this into a zip file and your JVs can simply upload it to their website and drive traffic to that bonus page. You can either hire someone on Fiverr to create a basic page like this or use an easy web builder like OptimizePress 2.0 to build it yourself and export the page as an OP2 template (but keep in mind not all your JVs have OP2).

Email Swipes and Graphics

Affiliates are lazy. Yup, it’s true. Just like you need to provide DFY bonuses and bonus pages to them, you also need to provide pre-written emails for them to use. You may find this hard to believe, but if you look closely at the promotional emails in your inbox and then look at the JV pages for those products, you’ll notice that even famous, high-level marketers often use pre-written swipes from JV pages. Why? Because it takes time to write a good sales email and even more to fill your email marketing schedule with a whole series of them. Providing JVs with email swipes allows them to copy and paste promotional emails and simply tweak them a bit to make them more unique. I’m not saying ALL JVs care about email swipes, but for many of them, this definitely makes your launch more attractive. At a minimum, you should have one email for each day of your launch, but 2 per day is better and having 4 or 5 scarcity-based ones for the last 48 hours of launch is even better.

In this same section, you can also add an assortment of graphics and banners for people to use in their blogs, sites, and even paid ad campaigns. These are probably used less often, but it’s still worth having them. If you aren’t sure what sizes or dimensions to provide, you can simply go to Google’s AdWords advertising site and look at their guidelines for banner ad sizes. This isn’t because you’re making these for google, but simply because they cover a broad range of shapes and sizes that can be useful anywhere.

JV Blog

Some will argue that having a blog is no longer necessary since you can do all your updates via social media. Although a blog is certainly “less” necessary than it may previously have been, it’s still a good thing to have because people who aren’t connected to you on social media but end up on your JV page will see that there are recent updates and exciting developments. Alternatively, you could embed a feed of some sort (e.g. Twitter feed) onto your JV page where you post these updates.

Other Details

- 1 Ebook (PDF), 25 Pages
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- 4 Videos (MP4)
- 19 Graphics (JPG, PNG)
- 1 Promotional Ad Material (Emails)
- Slides, Word Doc, Report
- Year Released/Circulated: 2018
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