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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Why Use Video? 7
How to Make Money with Videos 10
Creating Your Own Videos 13
Video Storage Services 16
Using Other People’s Videos To Maximize Exposure 18
MonkeyPlayr 21
Powerful Video Ideas 24
Conclusion 27
Resources 29

Sample Content Preview

“In this video, you’ll see Jane Doe making her own DIY version of the hottest new beauty trend—light-up eyebrows! This look could be great for grabbing attention at the club or at a party.

In the video, she suggests using a tiny LED set that she found on Amazon, but I think another good idea would be using some of those glow-in-the-dark bracelets that you cut to fit and gluing them on with lash glue. This might be a cheaper alternative, and would catch attention under blacklight or in darker rooms.”

You want to insert a few phrases that would work well for SEO purposes, while also providing a little bit more information to support the content of the video.

One of the biggest problems with this is that the creator’s marketing is often all over it. For example, they may have annotations in their videos, or they may have links in the description that you’d rather not send your visitors off to see if they happen to click off your site to the video host to watch the video.

Keep in mind that the creator of the video may not like the fact that you are using their video without their marketing included, so be prepared to receive a message asking you to remove the video or at least re-add their marketing. If this happens, it’s best to just be polite and do as they ask. It’s their content, after all.

But even if you want to leave their ads in, what about other elements of embedded YouTube videos that you might want get rid of or take control of?


MonkeyPlayr is the ultimate solution for taking total control over every single video you embed on your website or blog.

Some features include:

Autoplay Videos – You can choose to set your videos to play automatically if you choose to, which is perfect for sales pages and squeeze pages.

Custom Start/Stop Times – If you don’t want to play a video in its entirety, you can set it to play only a specific section. For example, let’s say you only want to discuss a brief segment of a long video. You can set the player to show only the section you want to show.

Remove Branding – If you are using a hosting service that applies their branding to videos, such as YouTube, you can remove their branding so it looks more clean and professional.

Loop Videos – You can loop single videos or even entire playlists, which could be beneficial, for example, if you created a playlist of soothing nature sounds for your blog on coping with anxiety, or if you create music and wanted to let people loop your songs.

Force HD – If you want to make sure your videos look as good as possible, you can force videos to play in 720p or 1080p. This means your videos will keep their polished, professional look.

Force HTTPS – If you have videos on secure pages, such as login pages or payment pages, you can force them to be served with HTTPS.

Specify Dimensions – If you need your videos to be a very specific size, you can set the specific height and width you’d like them to be displayed at.

Responsive – You can also make videos resize dynamically for responsive designs.

Disable Annotations – You can even disable annotations that were added by the video’s creator.

Disable Controls – If you don’t want viewers to be able to pause, rewind, fast forward, etc., you can disable controls completely.

Disable Dropdowns – You can disable those annoying dropdown and video information boxes.

Redirect Viewers – You can even redirect users to another page after the video is finished. This is perfect if you want to send users to a checkout page after they finish watching it.

Best of all, it’s very easy to use, doesn’t require any coding or installation of files, and works on both HTML and WordPress sites!

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