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Table of Contents

Section 1: Video Marketing Basics
Chapter 1: What is Video Marketing all about? 07
Chapter 2: Shocking Video Marketing Facts to Consider 12
Chapter 3: Types of Marketing Videos 16
Section 2: Video Marketing – Step by Step
Chapter 4: Researching for a hot “business related” topic 22
Chapter 5: Creating you video 29
Chapter 6: Optimizing your video 36
Chapter 7: Publishing your video 39
Chapter 8: Advertising your video 42
Section 3: Advanced Video Marketing
Chapter 9: Manual vs Automated Video Marketing 46
Chapter 10: Video Marketing Automation Tools 50
Chapter 11: Video-Affiliate Marketing 55
Chapter 12: Advanced Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media 58
Chapter 13: Green Screen Video Creation 61
Chapter 14: Paid Facebook Video Advertising – Step by Step 64
Chapter 15: Paid YouTube Video Advertising – Step by Step 68
Chapter 16: YouTube/Google Video SEO Ranking – Step by Step 71
Section 4: Additional Tips to consider
Chapter 17: Dos and Don’ts 75
Chapter 18: Premium Tools and Services to consider 79
Chapter 19: Shocking Case Studies 83
Chapter 20: Frequently Asked Questions 90
Conclusion 94
Top Resources 95
Special Offer 96

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In fact, video marketing’s status as the “go to” favorite of online marketers can be attributed to how it allows them to easily capture the attention of prospective clients within seconds, while also creating a powerfully engaging experience that is impossible to replicate with static media.

Because of this, video marketing is the perfect format to achieve any type of marketing goal and to go well beyond what other online marketing formats can achieve. The only catch about video marketing is that it can be quite complex for some to produce, but its benefits clearly outweigh whatever learning curve that marketers have to go through at first. And peeling off the layers of complexity out of video marketing is our goal, and that is why you are watching this video in the first place.

What Video Marketing can do for your Business

We all know that the hardest part about any marketing venture is getting people to pay even the slightest bit of attention to it, and many marketers have found that any given marketing campaign can easily become a double-edged sword when implemented incorrectly.

This is especially true when businesses try to use online marketing to go viral, thinking that doing so is the best way to attract leads and sales, not knowing that going viral can simply leave them with a million-impression trail with zero sales to show for it.

But the good news is that using video marketing as a business can easily help you to go viral and send your marketing message across at the same time. That is because video marketing is, at its very heart, a storytelling format for your products, services and offers.

Also, video marketing has the advantage that it can engage users within the first ten seconds of video, something that is not possible with other marketing formats. So for example, if a lead ignores your display ads once, they will ignore them for good even after you retarget them.

With video marketing you have a ten second window to show off value to your leads, and when they engage that way they are very likely to remember your brand later no matter what.

Another benefit of video marketing for your business is that it can easily complement your other marketing efforts, as you can easily embed marketing videos on blogs, websites and even on third party advertising!

Also, marketing videos have the unique advantage of being shareable. In other words, it means that people can share your marketing videos with others without much effort, and the best part is that marketing videos are very likely to be shared on high traffic channels such as social media, instant messaging apps and blogs. Video marketing will allow your business to adopt a much more humane identity by giving you a way to associate your products or services with lifestyles, activities, hobbies, careers and so on, which will foster a deeper, more personal connection with your audience.

One big benefit of video marketing that is not often discussed by online marketers is that it can be a powerful search engine optimization tool. On one hand this is due to the nice amount of meta data that it will allow you to stuff it with such things as titles, descriptions, tags and links.

Speaking of links, another SEO benefit of video marketing is that if you create attractive, shareable video content, people will start posting it on websites, blogs, and other online channels, which will give your videos a boost in search engine rankings, which will in turn help your business to be discovered on searches related to your video marketing content.

Lastly, video content is preferred when it comes to any customer base, as it has been found that four out of five people prefer to have their marketing content delivered through video instead of any other medium as it is way more engaging and entertaining.

Want to learn more awesome stuff about video marketing? Follow us in our next chapter to check some shocking video marketing facts that will surely help you to jump start your curiosity about video marketing!

Chapter 2: Shocking Video Marketing Facts to Consider

The world of online marketing is a world full of opportunities for those eager enough to try, and you can thank this far reaching potential to the way it has been designed to allow you to use the internet to take your business to wherever you please.

And there is no better way to illustrate this wonderful approach at marketing than video marketing itself, which allows you to use video content as a way to deliver your marketing message across while creating a positive impact on the people that see it on any given channel.

So in this video we are going to introduce you to some amazing facts about video marketing, stuff that you might not know and that will open your eyes to how powerful it really is as far as online marketing goes.

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