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Then reality sets in.

No one is actually BUYING anything.

I actually ran one campaign where I PERSONALLY sent an email to EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO SUBSCRIBED TO MY LIST in an attempt to engage them.

I wanted to know if I was getting robots, click farmers, or actual real people who might actually buy a product from me if I delivered massive value.

Here’s what I got.


For the most part these folks did not answer me. Most of my traffic came from third world countries where it was highly unlikely that anyone was going to purchase my products. I suspect they were making 5 cents per day to click on ads and did not have time to reply to my e-mails.

However, my efforts did not go completely without response.

One guy in Virginia did contact me in order to ask me for money. He told me that he and his family were on the streets, cold and hungry, and asked if I would spring for a motel room for the weekend. Being the kind-hearted person I am, I actually did a Google search of his area, picked up the phone, and called a local charitable organization who instructed me to have the family check in with them. When he declined my suggestion and continued to ask for money I became suspect of his integrity. At least there was engagement. He was a real human being and we were having real communication. Unfortunately, that was the extent of the engagement on a purchase of 250 leads with 68% sign ups to my list.

Here’s a red flag: If a company promises you over 50% subscription to your list if you buy their service, you’d best clutch your wallet a little tighter.

Think about it: How can they make that promise? If you have a list, are YOU willing to make that promise. That 50% of your list will sign up to any offer you send to them (no matter how great it is…). For an in-depth look at the scam and the results of one researcher’s review into one of the big platforms, check out this link (hopefully you can get to it before he gets banned…).

Click HERE to see how you’re being scammed by traffic networks…

Marketing Gimmicks: The Shame of the Internet Marketing Community Every day I receive multiple offers for all kinds of new marketing techniques that are supposed to dramatically increase my traffic and my income.

The sad part is, a very, very small minority of these may actually work! I say “sad” because I will probably never try them.

I won’t try them because I know from experience that traffic means absolutely nothing unless they are qualified visitors.

So my marketing techniques tend to be simple and measurable.

The number of options for generating traffic to your site is staggering. There are link exchanges, viral techniques, e-zine swaps, cloaking page techniques, smart pages, doorway scripts, pop-up exchanges, and dozens of others.

Every week an new offer is made to get you to part with your hard-earned money and profits on a new magic traffic generation system.

One of the biggest selling products in Clickbank’s “Marketing and Ads” category was a membership program that blasted your ad to 2,500,000 websites every day for just $39.95…

How can you tell if sites like this are really doing you a service or ripping you off? Well one way is the ‘promise’ being made. I mean, it’s too outrageous to even contemplate. The promise is SO BIG that no one should ever believe it… but hope runs eternal and this site will be more than happy to take your money for nothing.

The other way to tell if the site delivers what it promises is by reviewing comments on the site through’s toolbar add-on.

To view comments left by other visitors or paying customers of the site, just click on the traffic number on your Alexa toolbar and scroll to the “User Reviews” section. For example, I reproduced the User Comments for the site above for you here:

Site Makes False Claims Reviewer: Bryce

All this site offers is services that can be found for free across the net. The software is trial versions that you can also get on the net for free. Most of what an individual or company will be submitting to is FFA Sites. The $39.99 or $29.99 special price one pays is a total waste of money, since as was stated earlier the services and software is available for free. Just do a decent web search on google, msn and other search engines.


Reviewer: Lance

Took my money and provided no customer support. They lied about the amount of people you email your ad to. They claimed millions but I was only sending my ad out to 250 others like myself who were also ripped off.


Reviewer: Derick


Don’t waste your money!

Reviewer: lj112

I signed up for this before I knew about these worthless sites. Take my advice and don’t waste your money, it doesn’t work and they won’t respond to you quetions.


Reviewer: Andrew

I agree with Tony, its a useless site and you will only know after you pay. So stay away from this site

This site is just a SCAM

Reviewer: Tony

Hello advertisers, be careful, this site is total bull. They have all useless free links inside and you will know only after you pay. I tried this site for advertising purpose but there is nothing inside. So please be careful and dont waste your money.

This scam may be obvious to you… and I hope you see clearly that it is, but there are other scams that are less obvious. One such potential scam is the “hits” scam.

You’ve seen them advertised everywhere. They’ll tell you you’ll get 10,000 hits for $9.99 or 1,000,000 hits to your website for $39.95. (I won’t go into detail about this kind of program because it is covered in the interview with Scott Foster which you can download in the Bonus Learning Material section.) All I want to say is that it is very easy to ‘imitate’ real visitors to your website using computer programs. In some cases, these packages are 100% computer generated and not one ‘real’ person ever sees your site.

SEO Is SOO Overrated

You can also spin your wheels trying to get ranked in the search engines naturally.

A few years ago, I spent several months trying to do this without a lot of success.

Even if you do make it to that coveted page 1 of Google, the second Google comes out with its next algorithm update, your entire business could be wiped out and, frankly, if you’re counting on search engines ranking your site in order to get traffic and make money, you will die lonely and broke. (I have an entire letter about the problems you face with SEO here…)

Today you can be on top of the world, and at the bottom of the pile tomorrow. Invisible to the search engines, and out of business. It happens all the time.

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