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Over the past year, you’ve been hearing everyone preach “Content Is King”.

Well, after reading this report, you will soon realize that “Content Can Kill”!

It can kill your traffic, kill your website rankings, kill your time, and also… get you into trouble IF not used correctly.

What’s why I wanted to create this special report. To give you the truth about the right way to use content in 2006 that no one else is telling you.

Last year back in June 2005, when I launched my article marketing product, ArticleAnnouncer, I made some bold predictions…

Bold predictions that have now come true in 2006.

I am not proclaiming to be any kind of psychic, search engine Nostradamus or anything, but the facts are here and the writing is on the wall.

(Well… for some people who don’t understand the “new rules” in 2006. Hopefully you are not one of them).

Let me explain what’s going on…

This directly relates to YOUR online business and your ability (or inability) to grab high search engine rankings and drive a good volume of traffic to your websites and blogs at no cost using content.

If you’ve been following me, you already know that I preach the virtues of using articles to promote your online business.

Hands down, in 2006 articles are STILL an unbeatable way to generate links, boost your SE rankings, find new prospects, and open up a flood of traffic without costing a dime.

In fact, back in 2003, I was among a handful of people who were actively teaching people and raving about article marketing through teleseminars, special reports, and of course… writing articles on the subject of “articles”.

You see, I didn’t get involved with articles because it was a current “trend” or “hot topic”. I actually got started writing and submitting articles for offline publications more than 7 years ago.

Last year, I made a few predictions about articles…

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