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Table Of Contents

Creating Your First (WSO) Warrior Special Offer
Enter Warrior Forum Here , Then Click on The Warrior Special Offers Forum Link
· Releasing Something Worthy
· Front End – Back End… Maximizing Your Profits
· How To Write an Eye Catching Subject Title
· How to Handle Questions and Answers from non-customers
· Fulfilling The Orders in Real Time VS Manually
· Giving Thanks!
· Quoting Others Regarding Their Order, Testimonial, or Needing Info.
· How to Get Others To Give You a Testimonial Good or Bad (no bribes)
· “Reality TV, as in Survivor” Forming Alliances With Other WSO Members
· Keeping it Light, Friendly, and Fun!
· Dealing with Negative People Customers and Non-Customers
· Stay on Your Bump… or ELSE!
· Ask Support if You Do Not Know… Don’t Risk Your WSO
· PayPal Transaction Numbers via PM VS on Your Thread
· Counting Down The Products, Services, or Memberships
· Using Your Signature Link To Maximize One or More WSO’s
Buying Your First (WSO) Warrior Special Offer
· Posting Your PayPal Transaction Number
· Looking Over Your Purchase ASAP!
· Voting on The WSO Thread
· Giving Thanks
· Giving Testimonial
· Staying in Touch!

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Dear WSO-aholics,

We all enjoy a good WSO whether or not we are seeking to buy something or we want like to sell it for pennies on the dollar.

My job, my goal, and my sole responsibility here within this report is to help you not have to go through what I first did when I did my first WSO. I will also be here along your journey to advise you while you are running your WSO. I am not an administrator or moderator of the Warrior forum so I will not give you advice that I have not first been advised on by the Warriors “elite” staff members themselves. OK, with that being said let me get started.

One more thing before I continue. I am going to try to keep this as simple as possible as to get this out to you so you can learn from me and others experiences running a WSO so that you can get started IMMEDIATELY! I will be getting right to the point on some of these topics in this REPORT so I hope you enjoy this!

Stay Golden, aka (Warrior2008)

Releasing Something Worthy

Whenever I get ready to create my own product or service I first access the need for it. I look for two things. If it is a main stream product or service that everyone wants or a niche market item. If it is main stream, I then try to create a unique way to market it and communicate it to others on and offline. If it is a niche market item, then I just try to be as creative as I can to get the word out knowing that my market share will be a whole lot better since my competition is down. Eventually you may have a winner and make a whole lot of money.

With a WSO offer you want to tend to be more special on your pricing. This WSO needs to be lower in price than anywhere else you will be offering this product or service for. Think you won’t get caught or discovered making it

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