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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Banner Ads Intro
Chapter 2:
Types Of Banner Ads
Chapter 3:
Finding The Right Audience
Chapter 4:
Finding The Right Sources To Buy Banner Ads
Chapter 5:
The Objective
Chapter 6:
Who Does Banner Ads
Chapter 7:
What To Avoid
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

Types Of Banner Ads

There are several different types of banner ads available for the individual’s use. Ranging in size and color these banner ads are custom-made to fit the requirements of the ad idea.

The Forms

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes makes the advertising works a little less challenging as the designs do not have to be confined to any particular size, color, or design.

All these are done using the pixel dimensions which is actually the smallest unit of color used to make up images on a computer or television screen.

The most popular style of banner usage is the full banner which measures about 468 x 60. These banner ads are a good representation of the range of common ads posted.
Though there are no severe restrictions on the sizing used, most websites have been known to impose certain limits on the memory size which is usually about 12K to 16K.

There are many varieties of banner ads available. The simplest banner ads feature only one static GIF or JPEG image which is then linked to the advertiser’s homepage.
Then there are also banners which are capable of displaying several different images simultaneously. This can also be seen as an animation like presentation. Besides all this, there are also the rich media style banner ads.

These ads make use of tools like audio, video, or Java and Shockwave programs to design and display the ad content. This allows for the ads to then become interactive beyond the initial simple link functioning.

There is also the interactive nature of the banner ads. These ad styles allow the flash banners to interact with the viewer and engage them in the ad content and message. These are fairly popular as it ensures the viewers rapt attention and staying power on the page.

Chapter 3:

Finding The Right Audience

Advertising is very important to ensuring the target audience is reached successfully. Banner advertising has proven to be quite a useful tool when implemented properly.

Get A Grip On The Audience

When most people are surfing the internet for any useful information they will be attracted to advertisement teasers which may appear on the screen. This then creates the interest to open the sites if the information in interesting to the said target audience.

When the decision is made to use banner ads for advertising and customer awareness purposes, choosing the webpage that it is to be featured on also makes a difference in its acceptance and interest levels.

Besides being much cheaper, banner ads perform better when featured on targeted web pages. This is mainly to unsure the right target audience is reached instantly and cost effectively.

Visually striking ads are very effective in drawing the target audience desired. Using the various tools to decide on what type of design or content will most portray the site’s content will be what determines the interest in the site for drawing the target audience.

The choice made must in some way reflect the idea behind the content of the site because based on this idea the target audience will be prompted to visit the site. Using brightly colored graphics makes the banner ads even more appealing and noteworthy.

Designing the banner ads with the core target audience in mind is always a wise and prudent step to take.

The ad content must be relevant and informative to the target audience. Before making the decision to purchase or place the banner ads on a certain webpage, having some knowledge of the content the website administrators will be including on the said web page is also necessary as this should always be material that is as closely related to the individual’s own content as possible.

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