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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Twitter Basics
Chapter 2:
The Benefits Of Twitter
Chapter 3:
How To Use Twitter Correctly
Chapter 4:
Making Money With Twitter
Chapter 5:
How To Use Twitter For Your Blog
Chapter 6:
What To Watch Out For
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

The Benefits Of Twitter

If there is a benefit most people would be interested in trying it out, thus the same applies to the twitter tool which has recently become a more popular and viable tool for creating awareness for any business foray.

Why It helps

Among the benefits discovered is the ability of using twitter to create a profile that can be recognized as being as expert in a particular niche.

This is generally accomplished though interaction with other on twitter and exchanging ideas, offering advice and even guidance. When this is successfully done a following of sorts is formed and this will definitely be beneficial in ensuring traffic is drawn to the individual’s site.

Another benefit that can be gained is by using twitter to create communications or discussions about a product or service that is the individual’s business.

For those privy to such exchanges may want to enquire further about the service or product, thus they will make the attempt to visit the site which is how traffic is directed to the site.

This could then extend to another benefit of building a good base network within a chosen niche. This network can extend to those within the niche or even to those who may be from a complimenting niche who might have some interest in tapping into the site for their own expansion purposes.

Using twitter to make that all important first successful connection is the basis of its success as a possible marketing tool. With an established reputation in place the benefit derived from using twitter would be the easier and direct way of encouraging interest in the individual’s website or blog.

As this is a fairly informal and friendlier way of encouraging further interest into a product or service the twitter tool is also beneficial in terms of being rather pressure free.

Chapter 3:

How To Use Twitter Correctly

Considered by some to be micro blogging, twitter has more recently gained popularity as a marketing tool to increase traffic to a site.

Get It Done
Popularly used as a tool of engagement between parties, this same idea can be used in the business arena where the exchange of information and comments about a particular business or product can gain the attention of a wide audience and thus create the necessary publicity for the advancement of sales.

Thus having regular and informative exchanges or discussions would effectively be able to create the above results.

Getting the business or product to be recognized in the marketing world is also another effective use of twitter. With this recognition comes the advantage of possibly being connected to other similar and even bigger players in the market.

The exposure gained will help to the individual gain access to influential possible partnerships or even furthering the individual business prospects.

Because the way twitter has been designed, it is possible to create effective and interesting special promotions or offers to be announced to a wider audience instantaneously.

This would then effectively create the “buzz” needed for the success of the campaign. Updates can be done even as late as up to the actual event’s launch. This is useful for those who are always on the go.

Using twitter to be more informed of the market sentiment regarding the product or service would also effectively help the individual or company address any shortcomings that may require immediate attention.

Twitter could also be used as a tool to understand the needs and wants of those exchanging information and comments and then to take this information and work on introducing products that meets these requirements. Some new businesses and services have actually been started with the exchange of information on twitter.

Chapter 4:

Making Money With Twitter

Still predominantly used to create a certain amount of “buzz” twitter can now also be used as a money making tool with very successful results.

The Ins and Outs Of The Money

One of the most innovative ways of making money using twitter is in getting the audience or follower to become actual participants in a particular project launch.
It is not only a rewarding experience for all those who decide to take up the challenge and get involved, it is also a wonderful way to getting fresh new ideas or thoughts on the said project.

In terms of cost lay out there is virtually none when compared to the possible gains which can be phenomenal.

Twitter can also be used as a selling platform for product and services. Any individual or company can introduce their products or services to those in the exchange and thus get a money making business going.

From the exposure point the implications are unmeasured and from the possible revenue stand point this is definitely a viable way to start a business.

With the use of twitter the original target audience that the individual has can be widened to an undeniably huge reach. This new found audience can then ensure the further possibilities of reaping revenue through their interest and perhaps even purchases made.

Even when a purchase has been successfully made the purchase may then act as an advertiser for the said item if the satisfaction gained is apparent. This kind of personal recommendations posted on twitter can go a long way in gaining even more interested customers thus heightening the levels of revenue earned.

There is also the possibility of using affiliates products to further the platform of introducing complimenting products that will enhance the revenue possibilities for the individual. The affiliates will help to indirectly promote revenue possibilities.

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