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Table of Contents

Introduction . 5
Chapter 1 – Step One: Understanding Productivity and Finding Your Why … 8
Finding Your Why . 10
Discover Your Core Values .. 11
Determine What is Most Important to You 12
Chapter 2 – Step Two: Identifying Your Goals … 14
What Do You Want Most in Life? .. 14
Why Do You Have These Goals? . 15
Converting Your Goals Into Concrete Milestones 16
Determine What You Can Do to Achieve Your Goals .. 16
Determine if Any of Your Goals Have Changed … 16
Chapter 3 – Step Three: Improving Your Time Management Skills to Become More Productive .. 17
Declutter Your Spaces .. 18
Declutter Your Mind .. 19
Keep a Time Diary 21
Analyze the Diary Entries . 22
Draw up a Must-do List . 23
Create a Schedule 24
Be Flexible 26
Chapter 4 – Step Four: Dealing with the Possible Snags in Increasing Your Productivity … 28
Work Out Your Priorities … 29
Eliminating Distractions 30
Avoid Multi-Tasking .. 31
Working with a Lack of Confidence .. 33
Working Without Breaks … 33
Lacking Motivation and Inspiration … 34
Trying to Do Too Much at Once 34
Not Acknowledging Your Achievements … 35
Not Making Use of Your Downtime… 35
Allowing Clutter to Build Up .. 35
Chapter 5 – Step Five: Overcoming Procrastination, The Biggest Hurdle to Productivity 37
Identify the Unpleasant Tasks .. 39
Plan for Consequences 39
Get Help from A Friend or Colleague … 40
Tell Everyone Your Goals . 40
Create the Right Environment .. 41
Make Friends with Go-Getters .. 41
Conclusion . 43

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Finding Your Why

When it comes to becoming more productive, you have to be able to find your why. Your why is what gets you out of bed in the mornings, it’s the reason why you work hard at the office, and it is why you spend the extra hours studying. It is your motivation, your drive, and your reason for wanting to get things done.

Everyone’s why is different, but it is essential that you find out what yours is and keep it close to your heart. Before you can begin to become more productive, you need to make sure that you have discovered your why, and that you put it into practice.

If this isn’t something that you’ve ever heard before, it might be a bit confusing and challenging for you at first. You may be wondering how exactly you find your why, and how do you know when you’ve found it?

When you find your why, it will resonate deeply within you. It will be a clear, guiding beacon of motivation that will remind you to stay on course, remind you why you are choosing to work instead of play.

You will know it when you find it, and it will stick with you. If you have been honest with yourself, then you will know your why when you find it. It can be tricky at first to find your why. However, there are several steps that you can take to determine your why.

Discover Your Core Values

The first step to discovering your why is to figure out your core values. Do you value honesty? Are you motivated by love, duty, or something else? What values do you live your life by and carry with you in your heart?

The chances are high that you have never had to try and articulate your core values before, so it can be challenging to put a name to these feelings, but it can be extremely helpful in making sure that you achieve what you’ve set out to do.

Take some time to write down what you value. Remember, this is for your own personal use. Don’t put anything down that is false, or things that you think you should value.

It is vital that you are true to yourself, even if you find it challenging because you will be far more successful in your endeavors. Consider what you spend most of your time doing. Think about what you would like to spend your time doing.

This can provide you with a strong indication of where your interests lie and what might be motivating you to continue Increase Your Personal Productivity forward. For instance, if you spend all your time working, but want to spend time with your family, then you have gotten closer to unlocking your motivation.

You don’t have to worry about tracking the exact minutes you spend on each activity, but it is good to have a basic idea of where your time is being spent and how you would like to spend it. Write down your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

Take a good look at your core values, and where you spend your time; considering them carefully. Out of these two things, you should be able to narrow down your focus. This is your why. This is why you are working so hard.

Focus on this and keep it in the front of your mind and your heart as you move through your journey. It is one of the essential tools that you have for improving your productivity.

Determine What is Most Important to You

Next, you need to determine what is most important to you. Are money and security necessary to you? Or is it freedom? Do you value your time or your comfort? What about both?

Take some time to consider what is valuable to you and what you are striving to accomplish. Perhaps you feel that your family is Increase Your Personal Productivity more valuable to you than your time and that their security and comfort comes first.

Maybe you are seeking to make sure that you have a future that is brighter than your past. It doesn’t matter what is valuable to you, what matters is that you know what it is.

Take a good, long look at your life and at your past. Who do you want to be, where are you looking to go? What is the most valuable thing that you have? This is going to vary from person to person, but before you move forward with the more practical steps to increase your productivity, take a moment to consider this. If you ignore these things when trying to boost your productivity, you’ll continue to find yourself sliding backward and watching as your productivity continues to drop.

You will only make real progress when you focus on your core values and what is most important to you. This is one of the most important things that you can do if you want to increase your productivity and get more done.

Chapter 2 – Step Two: Identifying Your Goals The first thing that you need to do on the road to being more productive is to choose the right goals. These goals should be both personal and professional goals and all the things that make you a complete and comprehensive individual. Once you’ve discovered your why, you need to identify your goals.

What Do You Want Most in Life?

There are many areas of your life that you, no doubt, want to excel in. For example, you may desire to have a successful career or want to find someone you can share your life with and start a family with. Or, you may want to find a way to spend more time with your friends. Take some time to identify your goals and write them down.

Why Do You Have These Goals?

Once you’ve identified your goals, you need to understand why they are on your list. You might think that being more successful in your career is important to you because you love your job and the fulfillment it gives you.

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