Travel Tips For The Business Person: Essential Travel Tips & Ideas For The Business Person On The Move Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

1. Moving Around 4
2. Finances and Expenses 5
Your Method of Travel 5
Bicycling 5
Driving 6
Buses 6
Trains 7
Airplane 7
Boats and Ships 7
3. The Law of the Land 8
Driving Your Car 8
The Good 8
The Bad 9
Taking the Bus 11
The Good 11
The Bad 12
5 13
Train Travel 13
The Good 13
The Bad 14
The Subway 14
4. Amazing Air Travel 16
Overview 16
The Good 16
The Bad 17
Airport Security 18
5. The Superior Sea 21
6. Cities of Interest 22
Los Angeles, California (USA) 22
New York, New York (USA) 22
Paris, France 22
London, England 23
Berlin, Germany 24
Tokyo, Japan 24
Beijing, China 25
7. Traveling Tips & Tricks 27
21 Basic Travel Tips 27
Jet Lag: A Detailed Look 32
8. Some Interesting Travel Ideas
Bring the Family 34

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1. Moving Around

Depending on what type of business you’re in it may be necessary to move around a lot. Whether it’s taking frequent bus trips, flying to far off places or just driving to the next county, traveling can take its toll on anyone. In this book we’re going to discuss travelling tips for just about every occasion. We’ll cover everything you need to know about travelling on land (Trains, cars, buses), by air (planes, helicopters) and even by sea (boats, yachts). The only thing we’re not going to cover in this book is travel by teleportation (and believe me if I thought I could get away with it I’d throw in a chapter about it anyway).

Who is this book for? Really it’s a beneficial guide for anyone who’s traveling more than twenty or thirty miles or anyone who’s going somewhere they’ve never been before. That being said this guide is specifically geared towards people who are travelling for business reasons. Because of this you’ll find that the book is light on tourism and sightseeing and focuses on utilitarian locations and important travel information.

Travelling can be a stressful venture for a lot of people. This is amplified when you’re traveling for business reasons because you can’t afford to get lost or held up. Even so, travelling can also be extremely rewarding and fun, if you know what rules to follow and which paths to take. A few simple decisions while traveling can be the difference between frustrating failure and gratifying success.

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