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Table of Contents

How To Get And Stay Motivated . 6
Introducing the Salience Network ……. 6
Taking Back Control……. 9
Jedi Mind Tricks ….. 12
The Power of Meditation . 15
End Procrastination ….. 17
Why You Lack Discipline 18
Why Discipline is So important… 20
How to Gain Unstoppable Discipline ….. 22
The Importance of Reward …. 25
One More Thing… . 26
Overcoming Fear …. 28
The Samurai Code ……. 28
Learning from the Stoics . 30
Fear Setting ……. 31
Taking Chances ….. 35
Self-Confidence Boost …… 38
Why Self-Confidence Will Change Your Life .. 39
How to Boost Your Confidence .. 41
Shallow Confidence Boost …… 41
Intrinsic Confidence …… 43
Training Your Confidence ……. 46
A Healthier You . 48
How to Think About Food ……. 50
Fixing Your Fitness …… 54
How To Develop Powerful Habits … 58
How to Create New Habits …. 61
The 30 Day Rule ….. 61
Micro Habits ……. 62
Context .. 63
The Power of Routine 65
How To Create a Meaningful Life …. 68
Is Your Life Meaningful? .. 68
The Monomyth. 71
The Evolutionary Shadow …… 74
How to Give Your Life Meaning . 76
Master Your Brain .. 79
How Your Brain Works ….. 80
Brain Plasticity . 83
How to Hack Your Brain and Take Control of Your Performance . 84
Controlling Neurotransmitters ….. 85
Controlling Your Brain ……. 87
Goal Setting Made Simple …… 89
An Example of Bad Goal Setting …… 90
A Better Goal …. 92
Is Your Goal Too Ambitious? ……. 93
Clear The Mind .. 98
Introducing CBT .. 101
Cognitive Restructuring .. 102
How to Use the Body Scan Meditation ….. 104

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Taking Back Control

How does the salience network work? What does it deem as important?

The answer comes down to our evolutionary history. Every aspect of our psychology evolved the way it did in order to help us survive. Traits that proved conducive to our long-term survival would be passed on to our offspring and those that did not, would eventually die out.

Thus, the job of this network is to alert us to things that are important for our survival – which is based on biological signals from the body and our associations. If you see a lion, then your salience network will identify this as important, it will trigger the ventral attention network and this will direct your attention there. The result will be that your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and triggers a hormonal and neurochemical response: you‟ll produce adrenaline, dopamine, cortisol and norepinephrine and these chemicals will raise the heartrate contract your muscles and narrow your attention to that one thing.

To a lesser extent, this happens if you‟re hungry, too hot, too cold, or if you are stressed about something else whether that be debt, your relationship or anything else.

The first thing you need to do then to improve your ability to focus and stay motivated, is to ensure that you remove these distractions that can override your dorsal attention network. This means you need to create a working environment that will be free from distractions and that makes you as comfortable as possible.

Any loud noise, any discomfort, any hunger or any lingering stress can potentially make it hard for you to maintain your focus.

One trick that you can use in order to encourage a more focussed state of mind to this end, comes from WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg. He described to Tim Ferriss during a podcast interview, how he would listen to music he knew well on repeat. The music would play over and over again and he would become immensely familiar with it. As a result, the brain would then start to phase that music out. In other words, it would become desensitized to it, just as you eventually stop hearing the ticking of the clock. Only if you are listening to that music through headphones, it will drown out all other sound.

This effectively creates a kind of sensory deprivation. The only sound there is, is completely blocked out by the brain. You can achieve something similar by using white noise and this is something that many people will use in order to focus while working. Similar to white noise are other innocuous sounds, such as the rain or background chatter. and are both sites that provide these kinds of looping sounds for you to block out your surroundings. Similarly, using a widescreen monitor can help you to stay more focussed on work. Studies show that widescreen monitors can increase productivity by up to 30%!

But the most important thing you can do is to try and remove all other stress from your mind. That means that you need to try and stop worrying about your debt and even about the other work you have to do that day. If you are worrying about those things, then your brain will keep being distracted away from what you need to do. So, try to learn to block out feelings of stress and anxiety and to just focus on the task that is in hand. This may take practice, but this works much like a muscle – the more you train your mind, the greater the control you will get over it.

Jedi Mind Tricks

But we need to go further than this if we‟re going take complete control over our motivation. Ideally, we need to ensure that our ventral and dorsal attention networks are aligned. How do we do this?

The answer lies with the reason that we are distracted in the first place. The reality is not just that we think other things are more important, but also that we feel that what we should be doing isn‟t important. You might know consciously that you need to clean the house, go to the gym or tidy up. That‟s your dorsal network doing its work.

But your body doesn‟t know that. To your body, this is an unstimulating activity that isn‟t serving any of your prime directives. One thing our brain needs is stimulation and that corresponds with neural activity that comes from doing something that seems biologically important. This is why we find it easy to focus on computer games or films – they simulate exciting, important events happening, all charged with emotion.

Entering information into a spreadsheet though? Not so much.

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