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Table Of Contents

1.Introduction 6
2.Why Is Pulling Traffic So Important? 7
Methods for Pulling Traffic to a Website 8
3.Article Marketing – How to Use It to Pull More Traffic 9
Go To Your Website and Create an Article Directory 10
4.Sell Your Ebook on Your Site 11
Get Your Article Views by an Instant Article Directory 11
Fiverr 12
Other Great Article Marketing Methods 13
5.E-Mail Signatures – A Must for Internet Marketing Success 14
Making E-Mail Signatures 14
Content of E-Mail Signatures Should Be Predefined 16
Forum Signatures 17
The Tasks Involved With Forum Signatures 17
Sections to Use In The Forum 18
What Threads To Answer First 19
Good SEO Strategies and Fast Loading Page 19
6.Using Social Bookmarking Such As Twitter to Get More Hits 21
Traffic Encyclopedia 4
First Strategy 21
Second Strateg 22
Extra Advice 23
What Type Of Videos Need To Be Created? 23
Be Creative When Creating Videos 24
7.Social Networking Such as Google + Will Help Get Hits 25
Important Components to Getting Traffic on Facebook 26
Social Ad Similar To Google Adwords 26
Applications 27
8.Draw More Traffic To Your Site with a Blog 28
Steps To Push Those Sheep to the Farm 29
Keep a Constant Flow of Content on Your Site 30
Use Blogging to Advertise 31
Using Link Methods to Draw More Traffic to Your Site 33
Link Building Gets Your Name Out There 34
9.Utilizing Reciprocal Links 35
10.Utilizing A One Way Link 36
Comment Links 37
11.Using Ehow.Com to Draw More Traffic to Your Site 38
Traffic Encyclopedia 5
Get Friends on Ehow 39
Using SEO on Your Site to Draw More Traffic 40
What Makes SEO So Important 41
Without SEO, Search Engine Spider Can’t Send Traffic 41
12.Draw Traffic with Auto Responder 42
A Sequential Auto Responder 42
When Sending Auto Responder Messages 43
13.Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts 45

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Within this manual, you are going to find pages and pages of ways you will be able to pull traffic to your website. While we write this manual, we are keeping you in mind and would like to share some of our tricks on generating traffic to your website.

Many individuals do not realize it, but pulling traffic to a webpage is important either way you stack it. Some of the reasons why people don’t pull traffic to their website are lack of time, no confidence in having success through the Internet and no knowledge on pulling traffic to their website. While we may not be able to change the fact that you have no time to draw traffic, we will be able to show you some easy methods you can use in order to draw more traffic to your site. These steps are easy and almost anyone will be able to use them.

Even those individuals who are not all that computer savvy will be able to use them. While you may be one of the smartest worms in the book, we are going to make this article really easy for you to read and understand. We have found, the easier something is to read, the easier it is to understand.

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