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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction 3
The Many Benefits of Bodyweight Training … 3
What You Will Learn … 5
Chapter 2. Why Your Old Workouts Failed 7
Chapter 3. The SSE Workout – Super Simple and Effective! … 9
The Workout .. 9
Why This Works .. 10
Variations ….. 12
Chapter 4. How to Build BIG Muscle With Bodyweight Training 13
The Science of Hypertrophy . 13
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy 14
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy 14
Building Strength .. 15
Making Sense of the Science 15
Using Intensity Techniques to Build Muscle With Bodyweight Moves . 17
Split for Bodyweight Muscle Building: Push, Pull, Legs …. 18
Chapter 5. Burn Fat, Build Strength and Improve Your Health … 19
Burning Fat With Bodyweight Training .. 19
The Workouts.. 20
HIIT and Tabata ….. 21
Training for Strength 22
Training for Health … 23
Chapter 6. The Sticking Point – Biceps ….. 24
Bicep Exercises With No Need for Equipment ….. 24
Dynamic Tension and Dynamic Self Resistance … 25
Chapter 7. A Glossary of Exercises ….. 26
Push Up/Dip/Handstand Variations . 26
Sit Up and Lower Back Variations …. 28
Pull Up Variations ….. 29
Lower Body Variations … 30
Equipment Worth Investing In (And Getting Creative) …. 31
Chapter 8. Conclusion . 32

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Chapter 2. Why Your Old Workouts Failed

Think about how many people you know who have tried to get into shape and failed. Think about how many of your friends or family members have started new training programs or new weight loss regimes. Either they’re trying to build big muscle, or they’re interested in losing fat.

Either way, they come to you all excited about their new goals and they show you their program. Often it will involve training five days a week at the gym, perhaps for an hour at a time.
At the same time, this new training program is going to involve eating 500 fewer calories.

How can it possibly fail?

I’ll tell you how it fails. In fact, I’ll tell you how it fails nearly every single time.

The problem isn’t that the training program isn’t good. The problem is that they don’t stick at it. They have this exciting aim and they’re all ready to get going with it, but by week two they’re already losing motivation.

Something ‘important’ comes up and they have to take a day out of training. Either that or they just get home from work and they’re so tired they have to skip a session…
Then they get a cold and that means another week off.

And their friends are eating out and they’re invited, so they head to that and they consume 1,500 calories in one sitting. So far, so bad.

By the end of week three, they’re now back at the position they were in to begin with and they’ve made no progress on their diet or their training. This is disheartening and it’s also somewhat embarrassing when people ask them how their fitness is going.

So they just kind of brush it to one side and then pretend that it never happened. Until the next program comes along that is!

You’re probably very familiar with this story and in fact, it’s probably a story that you’ve lived yourself a lot of times.

The problem is that these training programs are just too ambitious. Taking on a new training program like this takes an incredible amount of dedication and energy.

Think about it: right now you probably feel like you don’t have much time in your life. You probably feel rushed off your feet and you probably have very little energy when you get back in the evenings.
This is why you’re currently out of shape. It’s not for lack of interest or for lack of trying. If it were easy to get into incredible shape, then you would have done it already! Truth is that life is hard and most of us are struggling just to keep afloat.

Here’s a quick newsflash by the way: time isn’t the problem.

All of us think that we have a problem with time but this is almost always untrue. We very often think that we don’t have time and that’s why we don’t get everything we want done. But if that’s true, then how come you were able to watch that entire boxset of Game of Thrones recently? How come you spent all of last night just lying in front of the TV?

How come you were able to hit snooze three times on your alarm?

The problem isn’t time – it’s energy. Energy is finite and there’s only so much stress and so much work/activity that we can cram into one day before that finite energy begins to run dry.

If you’re already at your wits end. If you’re already exhausted and stressed… then what makes you think that you can add a workout to the end of your day that’s an hour long? And what makes you think that you can drive to the gym to do your workout? And then back? And then shower?

There are more things about going to the gym that we don’t take into account too. For instance, the cost. Then there’s the cold weather.

And here’s one: all that extra washing! If you go to the gym 5 days a week, then you’ll be creating five more pairs of dirty underwear and you’ll need to wash all those jogging bottoms and tank tops…

You expect to do all this when you already have no energy and you also intend to eat fewer calories? Giving yourself even less energy?

And you wonder why so many training programs fail?

Chapter 3. The SSE Workout – Super Simple and Effective!

I want to demonstrate the power of bodyweight training to you right away and that’s why I’m starting with this simple workout. It’s called the ‘SSE’ workout because it’s super simple and effective.

This is a workout that addresses all of the issues that we saw in the last chapter and then some.

It’s a workout that takes 10-15 minutes. All you need is a pull up bar (or a tree branch). And you’re going to do it in the morning, before you shower.

The Workout

The workout is a circuit. That means that you’ll go through each exercise once and then you’re going to start again from the beginning.

You’re going to rest for 30 seconds between each completed set and you’re going to perform each set of moves for 30 seconds.

The exercises are push ups, pull ups and jack in the box.

So the workout looks like this:

30 seconds of push ups
30 seconds of pull ups
30 seconds of jack in the box
30 seconds of rest
You then repeat it five times.

Make sure that you are doing as many repetitions of each exercise as you can and that you’re giving it your all. You also need to ensure that you aren’t resting at all when you move from one to the next.
It doesn’t matter how many press ups and pull ups you do. All that matters is that you keep going until the end of the thirty seconds (at least keep trying).

If you can’t do push ups, then you can do push ups on your knees to begin with.

And if you can’t do pull ups (or can’t do enough), then you’re going to do assisted pull ups.

Assisted pull ups means that you’re going to take a chair and put it underneath the pull up bar. You can now put your feet on that chair and use them to slightly help yourself through each pull up. Don’t cheat and just ‘stand up’ – just give yourself the slightest bit of help with your legs so that you can complete each exercise.

Remember as well that pull ups are the ones where you use an overhand (pronated) grip. That means that your palms are facing away from you and this way, you’ll also be engaging your lats more in the exercise rather than your biceps.

Finally, when performing the jack-in-the-box, you need to squat all the way down and crouch, then you’re exploding upward and splaying your arms and legs like a star-fish. It’s like a squat combined with a star jump. If you can’t do this, then just tuck jumps will be fine to begin with.

That’s the whole workout. Like I said, it’s simple. But it’s also really effective.

And you’re going to do it five days a week before you start work.

One more tip: don’t do it immediately upon waking. Wait at least 10 minutes as that way your spine won’t be soft from sleeping and you’ll reduce the chances of injury. This is pretty light stuff though, so you should find you’re fine to go into it without a warm up.

Why This Works

So what’s so special about this workout?

The first thing is that it has everything you need in it. The workout has three components: push, pull and legs. Each exercise is also compound and that way, you’re actually targeting nearly every muscle in the body:

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