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Table of Contents

Introduction………….. 3
Disaster #1 – Tweeting Nothing But Marketing…………… 4
Disaster #2 – Posting Long Messages 5
Disaster #3 – Ignoring Mentions………. 6
Disaster #4 – Being Redundant ………. 7
Disaster #5 – Automation……………….. 9
Disaster #6 – Mistaken Identity ……… 10
Disaster #7 – Tweeting Too Much….. 12
Disaster #8 – Hashtag Insanity ……… 13
Disaster #9 – Follower Begging …….. 14
Disaster #10 – Too Much Retweeting ……………………… 15
Disaster #11 – Controversy…………… 16
Conclusion…………. 17
Resources …………. 19

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Disaster #1

Tweeting Nothing But Marketing

Perhaps the single most common mistake people make is Tweeting nothing but marketing messages over and over. After a while, people are probably going to tune you out. Unless your followers are extremely rabid for your products and have specifically signed up to hear about your new releases or special offers, they’re probably going to tire of you quickly if you inundate them with marketing constantly.

Would you like to see your own feed clogged by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of marketing messages by the same person? Would you be ok if you kept missing important messages because someone else kept posting so much marketing that other stuff got lost?


Well, neither would most people!

Instead of posting continual marketing, break up the monotony by posting interesting, entertaining, or helpful posts, especially if they are related to your industry.

But don’t make the mistake of posting totally irrelevant or controversial posts! This will likely only backfire.

Disaster #2

Posting Long Messages

Many people think that because they can post a maximum of 140 characters, that they should get the most out of every post by getting as close to the character limit as possible, but people actually like and respond to shorter posts much better.

Studies have repeatedly shown that posts under 100 characters actually get a much higher rate of engagement than longer posts.

Not only that, but when you keep your posts under 100 characters, it leaves room for your followers to share posts and use the @mention or retweet functions.

Your posts should be short and to the point, with one or two relevant hashtags. Anything more than this and people aren’t as likely to read your tweet or engage with it. And, of course, with any type of social media, engagement is key.

If your followers aren’t retweeting your posts or otherwise engaging, you’ll never get the type of viral reach you’re hoping for.

Disaster #3

Ignoring Mentions

Twitter isn’t just a place to share cute stuff, it’s also an important platform for customer service. Surprisingly, a lot of customers are now using Twitter to contact companies instead of email, because they feel it’s more likely a company will respond to a public request. Additionally, it’s often easier to contact someone on Twitter than it is to pick up the phone or search for an email or contact form.

You should check your account to see who “mentions” you a few times each day to make sure you aren’t missing important messages. It could look very bad on you and your company if you ignore messages.

Additionally, responding directly to customers will help build loyalty. Not only will those customers be more likely to purchase from you in the future, but they will also be more likely to recommend you to others.

I’m sure you’ve heard how important word-of-mouth marketing is. It’s a little principle called “social proof”, and it can be incredibly powerful. People are much more likely to purchase something if they’ve heard about it from a trusted friend or family member, so it’s extremely beneficial to be sure all of your customers are as loyal as possible.

Make sure you check out who mentions you on Twitter, and then make sure that respond, respond, and respond!

Disaster #4

Being Redundant

Have you ever seen someone you have followed on Twitter tweeting and re-tweeting the same message over and over, all day long? It can get pretty annoying, especially if you end up missing important messages because of it.

This is a very common mistake that is typically made by people who are relatively new to Twitter and don’t really understand the platform yet. It’s not the worst thing you can do, but people will definitely start to tune you out after a while.

Most people who do this, think it will help them get seen, because their post will be more likely to end up near the top of someone’s feed, but that’s really not true. All it will end up doing is upsetting your followers and making you look bad.

If you really must keep tweeting about the same thing, at least vary your messages. Change the wording, or perhaps add something new. This will help the redundant seem a bit less so.

For example, you could change up tweets like this:

• Love the new Sparkle Shine Dress? Post a pic of you in it and get entered to win a $50 gift certificate?
• Let’s see a picture of you in the new Sparkle Shine Dress! You could win $50!
• We’re giving away a $50 gift certificate and it only takes a pic to enter!
• How’d you like $50 to spend on new shoes? Send us a pic at

These variations help distinguish your tweets from each other, and will help you gain more engagement because someone who doesn’t respond to one particular wording might respond to another.

Get creative, try new things, and you may discover that not only are people paying more attention, but they’re also taking more action!

Disaster #5


There is a growing movement for auto-tweeting, but this can end up with disastrous results. One company found this out first hand when they had a larger number of auto-tweets scheduled about an upcoming concert and the roof of the stage collapsed, causing fatalities. The company was still tweeting about buying tickets for the concert, which was already cancelled. They looked tasteless and borderline criminal. It was a disaster!

Sure, this level of nightmare isn’t likely to happen to you, but you never know. What if you scheduled tweets about “a tsunami of deals” and a disastrous tidal wave hit a town and killed thousands right before your tweet went out? It would look like a callus joke in horribly bad taste and make your company look terrible.

If you’re going to auto-tweet, be sure you keep abreast of current events and make sure no tactless tweets accidentally go out at the wrong time.

Also, you might not want to tweet about individual products on an automated basis. Imagine tweeting about a product that had been sold out for weeks with the text “Now In Stock!”

You’d have a lot of upset customers on your hands!

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