Time Released CPA: Cost Per Action Profits Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents

1. CPA Beginnings
2. Offers
3. Generating Cash
4. Networks
5. Systematizing

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CPA Beginnings

Right now, about 80% of internet advertising falls into traditional categories such as PPC. This means that so far only about 20% of advertisers have started some sort of CPA program, but these numbers are quickly changing. That’s because CPA is rapidly becoming the most effective way for publishers and advertisers alike to make money, especially in this difficult economic period. Drastic conditions require new and innovative strategies for tackling the consumer market.
Why Are CPA Networks Booming?

CPA network offers provide advantages to both the publisher and the advertiser in a tough economy. Many consumers aren’t willing to buy things as easily as before, and so pay-per-sale offers are harder to convert for publishers. However, a consumer might be more willing to hand out information that an affiliate advertiser can used to market to them later, and that provides some value to the advertiser, too. So publishers find a CPA offer is easier to convert into income in a recession and an advertiser finds that he can still build a great contact list and get visitors more involved in his products and services by using a CPA offer.

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