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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Truth Behind Goal Achievement
Chapter 2:
Identifying Goals
Chapter 3:
How To Clearly Define Goals
Chapter 4:
Align Your Goals With Your Beliefs
Chapter 5:
How To Commit To Goals
Chapter 6:
Get Others Onboard With Your Goals
Chapter 7:
Make Sure To Set Start And Stop Times
Chapter 8:
Visualize Your Goals
Chapter 9:
Take Action
Chapter 10:
What Can Happen If You Don’t Meet Goals
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

Identifying Goals

Most people go through like with only a vague idea or outline of the goals they want to achieve. Very few however give it any serious thought or even have a plan on how to achieve the goals.

Perhaps they are just no interested in focusing of achieving the goal with a sense of urgency and would rather drift along until one day they awake from this ignorance in a panic.

What Are They

It is a good idea to have goals from a very young age, as there is no real “perfect” age that dictates the comprehension on the idea of having a goal. Parents can inculcate this very desirable trait in their children by being a good example themselves.

Setting goals is not an exercise to be taken lightly. Setting goals require a certain amount of serious thought and consideration. The thought process usually involves the long term ideal future and the motivating factor that is going to eventually ensure its success.

It would be wise to identify with some level of precision what the individual wants out on life and work from that level up towards achieving the goal in mind. It the goal is clearly understood and perceived to be possible, only then will the body and mind be able to work together in order to keep the motivation for achieving the goal alive.

There are many areas one can consider when trying to embark on the journey of setting and achieving goals. The areas may include family, career, finances, education, and attitude, breaking a bad habit, adopting and keeping a good habit, exercise a just a few common choices.

Upon identifying the goals, one must be certain that the goal chosen is achievable. The key is in sticking to the commitment of achieving the goal, as it is crucial to its success.

Chapter 3:

How To Clearly Define Goals

One of the major reasons people fall of the “goal wagon” is the very important fact that they don’t stick to the goal long enough to see it all the way to success.

Get It In Order

This is probably because most people make the mistake of not having clearly defined their goals, thus they charge into the goal mind set with full energy and enthusiasm only to see both elements wane as time goes and the desired quick results are not forth coming.

There are several tried and true methods anyone can adapt to suit their individual needs to clearly define their goals. For some the absolute first step is to have a dream, and it won’t hurt if the dream is “big” either.

However keeping it realistic in terms of achievement capabilities is also wise. Having the mindset that dreams become goals and goals become realities is a good benchmark to start with.

Ideally, to clearly define a goal, the mind set must be able to understand the various components involved in working towards the goal. Very specific outlines need to be drawn and vagueness gives way to the danger of constantly and indiscriminately lowering expectations. It also encourages the negative attitude of acceptance and laziness.

Other aspects that should be clearly defined when setting goals are a measurable scale or chart drawn up to keep the progress on track with the time line of the commitment made. Ensure the goal is attainable and not something too fantastic or something dreamed up as part of a fantasy. Pick goal that has the advantage to working within the area of expertise of the individual, as this is important to keep the interest alive in the goad chosen people often lose interest and energy on things they don’t understand thus frustration sets in.

Chapter 4:

Align Your Goals With Your Beliefs

Setting goals that are clear in its expectations is one way of ensuring the percentages of reaching that goal is favorable. Random goal setting rarely produces the desired results and worse still it depletes the energy of an individual trying to meet that goal.

Line Them Up

The staying power or motivation involved in seeing the goal achieved lies in the desire to succeed in the achievement set. Believing in one’s self and in the goal, is very important and definitely a prerequisite. Ideally the belief must match the desire to see the goal achieved. This belief is what will ensure the commitment and conviction towards the goal.

When setting a goal, all these elements are very important, reason being there is usually no real necessity to ensure the completion of the goal set. Therefore since it is really not a do a die situation most people tend to give up at the first sign of difficulty or trouble. Also without belief in the one’s self and the goal, it is really hard to stay focused and convinced that the venture will be achieved with total success.

The amount of time and effort put toward achieving the set goal is also directly connected to the beliefs of the individual. Along with incorporating the belief factor into the equation, other points like why this particular goal was set, who is the end beneficiary to the success of this goal and is it really worth the effort. If the answers to all these questions are answered beyond the satisfactory mark, only then the percentage of seeing the venture to the end can be expected.

Sometimes when the beliefs and the goals don’t make a happy mix, a lot of complications start to create situations where it becomes easy to lose sight of the intended goal. Thus before taking the first step, remember to believe in the goal and one’s self.

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