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So you want to be an internet marketer but you don’t know where to start? Join the club! Internet marketing is an industry with a huge amount of appeal for all manner of reasons. Not only do internet marketers make a ton of money but they do so while enjoying the kind of freedom and control that no other job affords you.

And here’s the good news: internet marketing is not hard. Once you understand how online marketing works, you can actually set up a simple business model in a matter of days that will generate passive income as you go about your business. You can then use this to supplement your current salary and live a much more comfortable lifestyle, or you can use it to eventually quit your day job and enjoy the incredible financial independence that comes with being self-employed.

But the real trick to succeeding in this endeavour and creating a business model that works? That would be to choose the right strategy. There are countless business models available to wannabe entrepreneurs and if you’re keen to become a digital marketer, the key is just to select the business model that best appeals to you and that plays to your specific strengths.

In this quick guide, we’ll go over eight different business models that you can try out for generating cash online. We’ll look at how each business model works and at how to get started and from there you can set about making a choice and earning your millions!

#1 Creating and Monetizing a Blog

One of the most straightforward and well known internet marketing business models is to create a blog and to start marketing it. There have been countless success stories that started out this way, from Slash Gear, to Smart Passive Income, to The Art of Manliness.

The basic model involved here is simple: you build and audience and then use that influence to sell products of your own or belonging to third parties. The more traffic you get on a regular basis, the more revenue you’ll be able to generate for your own products or the more you’ll be able to charge advertisers to promote their wares on your blog.

The main tool you’ll use to build your website or blog will like be WordPress. This streamlines the process of creating a website and actually makes it possible to create your site in just a few clicks and a few minutes. From there, WordPress gives you tight control over the look of your blog and its capabilities all using tried and tested code that has helped countless other blogs to earn a small fortune.

The next challenge is to build your audience and the best way to do this is through content marketing. Content marketing means regularly adding blog posts and articles to your site in order to provide value. These should be entertaining, interesting or useful in order to offer that value and they should help you to build trust with your audience and gain subscribers.

Content marketing will also help you to rank higher on Google (Google looks for websites rich in content) and will help you to get your site shared on social media. Eventually, you should get to the point where you’re getting thousands of views daily at which point you can monetize by adding AdSense to your site, by creating and promoting your own products, by selling affiliate products, or by finding paid adverts to display.

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