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Zagat and Its Effect On Google+

Over the past few years I’ve spent helping boost my clients’ Google + Local listings, a number of things have changed. First, Google + Local was formerly called, “Google Places” which was pure and simply Google’s business listings. There was no social media interaction involved back then as there is currently with Google +. And the rating system was based on a 5 star scale…one familiar to most of the population.

Enter the end of May, 2012. Google announced that Zagat and their 0-30 rating scale would be replacing the 5 star scale that had been in place since Google Places began. The days of easily recognizing the 5 star model, would now be faced with confusion in the 30 point scale.

Zagat History

Zagat was founded in 1979 by Tim and Nina Zagat. The Zagat’s were at a dinner party with friends when someone began complaining about the restaurant reviews in a popular newspaper. It was agreed upon that the reviews in the paper were erratic. Tim decided to survey the group of friends which resulted in amateur critic ratings of over 200 people which reviewed their top 100 restaurants for food, décor, service, and cost. The results were a big hit as copies were scooped up by people all over town. Zagat is available in over 100 countries and covers everything from dining and shopping, to music, movies, and everything in between.

In September of 2011, Google paid $151 to purchase Zagat, and within 8 months, has moved in to become the new face of Google + reviews. The Google Places Rating Model

In April, 2010, the Local Business Center became Google Places. Like most other review sites, Google Places had a 5 star system in place, whereas a “1 star rating” would be the lowest, and a “5 star rating” would be the highest. This scale was so popular because it was so easily recognized. Sites such as Yelp, CitySearch, SuperPages, etc. all use the same system and the stars themselves are easily distinguished. One could see 4 stars out of 5 that were shaded and understand what that meant (something along the lines of “very good”).

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