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Top 10 Reasons Why Content Continues to Rule Marketing in 2013

As we head full swing into 2013, you’re sure to be creating new marketing plans and ideas to make this a great year for your business. While the new year is sure to bring some new concepts and techniques to your overall marketing strategy, one this will remain the same for 2013, and that’s the importance of new and high quality content. Here are the top 10 reasons why content will continue to rule marketing in 2013.

1. Content is the Reason People Go Online

While it might not always seem like it, a person always has a reason to turn on their computer or tablet or smartphone to start surfing the Internet.

That reason might be that they’re seeking entertainment, to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem they have, or even just to provide a pleasant distraction for a few minutes.

The common thread running through all of these things is content. A person goes online in order to consume some type of content. When you have content on your business website you’re giving people a reason to visit.

2. Content Allows You To Distinguish Yourself

Chances are you’re not the only business that’s operating in your chosen niche. In fact, there are probably at least a few others who are trying to accomplish something quite similar to (or perhaps even exactly the same as) what you’re doing.

Having a steady stream of quality content allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition, and therefore have the best possible chance of landing new customers. Not all businesses are willing to make content a priority in their marketing, so by doing so you can help your business stand above the competition.

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