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Wood burning stoves and fireplaces today offer more than they did at one time. Today we do not have to worry about smoke, soot, or other soil that builds up in our homes. We do not need chimneys or pokers nowadays with some wood burning stoves. Fireplaces today operate on electric, or other operational utilities. You can install the portables in any small, home, and still have sufficient space. The fireplaces are designed to save energy, since you use less gas heat when operating the fireplaces in the home. Wood burning stoves do the same.

The older wood burning stoves you would throw wood in the door, shut it after lighting the stove. The old potbelly wood burners are just an old tin stove. Some of the stoves were made of cast irons, which you could pull the plate off and cook a meal on top of the stoves. You had to use a poker to keep down soot. Today, the wood stoves have blowers that run from electric. The innovative scheme cut back on soot, poker use and smoke. The wood burning stoves today are energy savers. Back in the day, you could buy wood burning stoves for around $29, but today you will pay a pretty penny to install a wood burning stove in your home. Fireplaces are not cheap either, yet you can find some models for around $200 or $300. To help you see the benefits however, of today’s wood burning stoves and fireplaces we can discuss, price verses the expense of heating bills. We can also view a few types to help you see what the market offers you.

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