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Table of Contents

Terms and Use 1
Terms and Conditions 2
Table of Contents 3
Introduction 4
Chapter One – Winter Warm Up 6
Interesting Statistics 6
Chapter Two – Practical Steps for Warming the Hearth 11
Tips for Keeping Warm and Cozy 11
Covering Windows 11
Sealing Your Windows with Shrink Wrap 12
Keeping Your Body Warm 13
Tricks of the Trade 16
Guidelines for Saving Money and Preserving Heat 17
Solar Energy 22
National Renewable Energy Laboratory 22
Keeping a Money-Saving Journal 23
Chapter 3 – Your Winter Warming Diet 26
Warming Foods for Winter 27
Track Your Warm Winter Food Using Our Diary 28
How to Eat Well Without Gaining Pounds 29
Conclusions 31
Resources 32
U.S. Department of Energy/Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 32
Weatherization & Intergovernmental Program 32
U.S. Department of Energy/Weatherization 32
Energy Information Administration (EIA) 32
Environmental Protection Agency 32
Energy Star 33
Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick 33

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Are you going to freeze this winter, or spend hundreds of dollars staying warm and cozy inside? What if you could stay warm and enjoy the winter while actually SAVING money. Wouldn’t that be nice?

In any given year, homeowners spend more money on heating their home during the winter (or cooling during the summer in warm clients) than on any other energy expenditure. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, investing in energy-efficient appliances can result in cost savings equivalent to thousands of dollars every year!

This book is dedicated to any and all homeowners interested in learning what they can do to improve the heat efficiency of their home – without spending thousands of dollars. You don’t have to hire a professional to winter proof your home, though you may want to hire a professional inspector at some point to assess what areas of your home need improvement. (For example, you may want to hire someone to check your furnace to make sure it is working efficiently).

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