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Table Of Contents

Day 1: Business Plan & The Importance Of Targeted Traffic
Day 2: Autoresponder (Cost $20) & Incentive For Opt-In List (Cost $20)
Day 3: Write Articles And Submit Them…Free
Day 4: Write And Place PPC Ads (Cost $80)
Day 5: Register With ClickBank (Cost $49)
Day 6: Find Blogs And Forums And Post…Free
Day 7: Place E-Zine Advertisements (Cost $30)
Day 8: Find Link Exchange Partners (Free)
Day 9: Get A Press Release (Cost $0)
Day 10: Plan To Continue To Grow And Thrive

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Day 1: Business Plan and The Importance of Targeted Traffic

In this course, I’m using “days” instead of “chapters” so you can easily see how very few days it takes to set up your ultimate traffic surge system. I hope you like the format. Ok, let’s get busy…

It has been said many times, that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s so desperately true in any business, too. You absolutely have to have a plan.

Making a good and detailed outline of the steps that should be taken, the order in which they should be taken and the expected cost of each is the way to get from Point A (having zero traffic) to Point B (getting a surge of eager targeted traffic).

Some people will tell you that any traffic is good traffic but they are the ones who are most likely trying to sell you something you don’t need. The fact is that just any old kind of traffic is just about useless.

The only good traffic is targeted traffic. The kind of traffic that you need on your website is the people who have their credit cards ready and are actually looking to buy what you are selling.

Traffic that passes through your website while on the way to something totally unrelated to the topic of your website or those who just happen to surf by aren’t going to be making a purchase.

They aren’t even going to be opting in to your mailing list. It’s better to have 10 potential customers visit your website than a 1000 people who are not the least bit interested in what you are selling.

Therefore: The plan that you will be making is for the purpose of getting TARGETED traffic to your website… not just traffic for the sake of having visitors.

You want this traffic to actually be looking for products like yours to buy. You don’t want people who are looking for free similar products and you aren’t looking for people who aren’t interested in or cannot use your product.

So how exactly are you going to go after this targeted traffic? Once you are ready to start actually going after the traffic, you will need to locate the people who are your very best potential product buyer prospects.

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