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Part 1 – How the “Magic Story” Was Discovered Page 3 Learn the circumstances of its discovery and the extraordinary effect it had on people at the time.
Part 2 – The “Magic Story” Found by Sturtevant Page 10 This magical and inspiring narrative was written in the 1740’s.
Part 3 – How To Create Prosperity and Attract Good Fortune Page 18 Here are tips for making the lesson of the “Magic Story” real in your life. You’ll learn current “state of the art” mental processes that shape your mind and influence the world around you so success and prosperity come easily and favorable events are naturally drawn into your experience.
Part 4 – Resources for Making Money Now Page 37 Plans and programs that you can use right now to make money and build the life you choose.

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Part 1

How the “Magic Story” Was Discovered

I was sitting alone in the cafe and had just reached for the sugar preparato-ry to putting it into my coffee. Outside, the weather was hideous. Snow and sleet came swirling down, and the wind howled frightfully. Every time the out-er door opened, a draft of unwelcome air penetrated the uttermost corners of the room. Still I was comfortable.

The snow and sleet and wind conveyed nothing to me except an abstract thanksgiving that I was where it could not affect me. While I dreamed and sipped my coffee, the door opened and closed, and admitted – Sturtevant.

Sturtevant was an undeniable failure, but, withal, an artist of more than ordinary talent. He had, however, fallen into the rut traveled by ne’er-do-wells and was out at the elbows as well as insolvent.

As I raised my eyes to Sturtevant’s, I was conscious of mild surprise at the change in his appearance. Yet he was not dressed differently. He wore the same threadbare coat in which he always appeared, and the old brown hat was the same. And yet there was something new and strange in his appearance. As he swished his hat around to relieve it of the burden of snow deposited by the howling nor’wester, there was something new in the gesticulation.

I could not remember when I had invited Sturtevant to dine with me, but involuntarily I beckoned to him. He nodded and presently seated himself op-posite to me. I asked him what he would have, and he, after scanning the bill of fare carelessly, ordered from it leisurely and invited me to join him in coffee for two.

I watched him in stupid wonder. As I had invited the obligation, I was pre-pared to pay for it, although I knew I hadn’t sufficient cash to settle the bill. Meanwhile, I noticed the brightness of his usual lackluster eyes and the healthful, hopeful glow upon his cheek with increasing amazement.

“Have you lost a rich uncle?” I asked.
“No,” he replied, calmly, “but I have found my mascot.”
“Brindle, bull or terrier?” I inquired.

“Currier,” said Sturtevant, at length, pausing with his coffee cup half way to his lips, “I see that I have surprised you. It is not strange, for I am a surprise to myself. I am a new man, a different man, and the alteration has taken place in the last few hours.”

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