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What Is A Squeeze Page?

Every Internet marketing guru in the world will tell you that your profit is in your list of subscribers and, without a list, you will not have a business. That statement is true and scary enough all by itself to drive you to find solutions, especially if you do not know what a squeeze page is or what to do with it after you get one.

Let’s start with what a squeeze page actually is. Any search for an explanation of these critical marketing pages could easily confuse you since they are known by four different names: “squeeze page,” “capture page,” “lead capture page” and “opt-in page.” They are all the same thing.

Let’s make it simpler –

The squeeze page’s only job is to get your visitors to give you their name and email address, which, through the double opt-in process (email confirmation) and their wish to subscribe, lets you market to them in return for a free gift.

Basically – a squeeze page is like a sales page but where the ‘buy now’ button would be, there’s a form where the visitor can give you their name and email address (sometimes other details) in return for the product advertised on the page.

By giving you their details they’re also agreeing that you can contact them in the future. This should of course be made clear on the squeeze page.

The whole point is to build a list of people you can email again and again and sell to.

Why does everyone in internet marketing use squeeze pages (or at least seem to)? Because they work.

A lot of internet marketing ‘gurus’ – by this I mean the big players and millionaires have build their business lists using squeeze pages, and to put it bluntly, these guys don’t mess around!

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