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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
What Is Stress?
Chapter 2:
The Basic Rules for Coping with Stress
Chapter 3:
Changing the Way You React to Situations
Chapter 4:
Biting Only as Much as You Can Chew
Chapter 5:
Control the Situation; Don’t Let the Situation Control You
Chapter 6:
Using the Middle Path
Chapter 7:
The Trick Is in Avoiding the Wrong Things
Chapter 8:
Looking for Relaxation Techniques
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Learning How to Keep Avoiding Stress

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Using the Middle Path

One very important thing that you must bear in mind if you want to keep the stress away is to refrain yourself from falling into very drastic ways of thinking. There are always two distaff sides to anything. If you start thinking on the lines of any one of these extremes, you are making things very difficult for yourself.

For instance, it is not at all good to think very highly about yourself. It makes you egotistic and you begin to look down upon others. This is an extreme that you should avoid at all costs. However, the other extreme of this is very dangerous too. And that extreme is thinking too lowly about yourself. This is also quite wrong, because when you think very low about yourself, you develop extreme inferiority complexes which again keep you away from progressing.

The right approach would be to tread on the middle path. Don’t think entirely this way or that. There is always a balance that you need to strike, even when it comes to your way of thinking.

This also makes you a wholesome individual. When you think in just one way, you are quite incapable of thinking the other way. You are shutting out your mind to all those possibilities. But if you keep your mind open and keep thinking in a balanced manner, you can be more complete in your way of thinking. It makes you a more perfectly balanced individual because you are not shunting out any of the possibilities from your mind.

When you think in a very extreme manner, things sometimes happen totally differently, in an exactly opposite manner of what you thought. When that happens, you get considerably stressed, because you didn’t expect things to happen in that way. However, if you don’t resort to extremes, if you walk the middle path, you will be ready for anything. The stress becomes minimized.


Avoidance is the best way to keep stress-free. Keep away from all those stress-boosters and you will have busted it already!

The Trick Is in Avoiding the Wrong Things

Temptation is a very easy thing to happen to everyone. It seems very appealing at the start, but very soon it begins showing its true colors. That is when you see that you cannot tackle it all that simply. That is when the stress begins to creep in.

Just take a very simple example, which most of us will easily relate with. Think about a delicious gourmet delight. You know that it will be great to eat but at the same time you know that it is laden with calories. Very few people can avoid such a treat. They will very likely gobble it. They will become uncontrollable whenever any such food comes their way. The result is that they start piling on weight. Health problems begin to raise their ungainly head.

But if you had made it a point to avoid the sinful food right from the start, all these problems of obesity and the related issues including the high stress would not have arisen at all. Today you are dealing with the stress that you have become overweight and that weight does not dwindle, but had you learnt the fine art of avoiding things, you would have been in much better shape today. This stress that you currently have would not have been a part and parcel of your life.

Temptations come in our way in various forms. Food is just a very simple example; it can come in our way in various complicated manners. A raise for a difficult job is an example. The job given to you is difficult, you know that you aren’t capable of it but still you didn’t avoid taking the job. You plunged headlong into it, with the lucre of the added money and the chance to rise above the competition. But just because you didn’t say “no” to something you know wouldn’t be able to accomplish.

Saying “no” is a fine art. You have to be firm in your decision but at the same time be polite and gentle. It is always best to speak about your own limitation when you are refusing something. If you do that, you assure the person that nothing is wrong with their offer. You are leaving the gate open for them to return with something that better suits your mutual equation.


Various relaxation techniques exist for stress management, and they really work.

Looking for Relaxation Techniques

For most people, stress management means to use a relaxation technique. Relaxation in itself is a way of working out your stress. When we are stressed, the level of hormones in our body increases. Under periods of extreme stress, three main hormones are released in a high amount – cortisol, norepinephrine and the growth hormone. As long as the level of these hormones is high, we continue to be under stress. The one sure way to relieve ourselves of the onslaught of stress is to bring the level of these hormones back to normal. This is achieved through using the right relaxation techniques. That is the reason we called relaxation “unwinding” – we are bringing hormonal levels back to what they were initially.

There are several relaxation techniques available to us today. Here we discuss some of the most conventional and effective ones.


Yoga has received an important place in the world’s health scenario today. You could make use of this ancient Indian science as well. Through the use of various bodily stances, known as asanas, yoga tries to act on various energy points of the body. It releases the latent energies of the body and makes it more energetic, fitter and much healthier. The popularity of yoga has reached into the West a long time ago and now it is very easy to find books, videos, manuals and a lot other educational stuff on how to perform these techniques. Yoga could very well be your ticket out of the persistent stress that’s playing on your mind.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing works because you are channelizing a flow of healthy oxygen into your lungs, which is then carried over by the bloodstream to different organs of the body, including the brain. There are various kinds of breathing exercises advised, some of which can give quick relief to the person using them. Check out these breathing exercises on the Internet, or visit your local bookstore to find a lot of books written by expert authors who write on health and fitness.


Since stress is a mental problem, meditation can work wonders. The right meditation – whatever form of it you practice – can free your mind from its excess baggage and make it work optimally. Meditation can be practiced anywhere and there are only a few things that are needed in order to perform it effectively. Like the other two methods, there is a lot of information available on meditative processes as well.


If you always keep in mind that Wednesday precedes Thursday, you will be fine.


A lot of our problems can be solved only if we would learn how to prioritize things. Our lives aren’t simple, linear things. There are various intersections, crossroads, junctions and forks as we travel on the path called life. There will be various places where we will have to choose between two or sometimes several options. We will have to decide what we must do in precedence to others. There will be moral, social, familial and personal dilemmas and we will be torn by different emotions at the same time, making it quite difficult for us to choose what to do first.

The first important step for you to realize in such circumstances is that you are just one individual; it is impossible for you to do several things simultaneously. You might be able to multitask a bit, but you cannot do it with a lot of tasks at once and you certainly cannot do it all the time.

This is where you need to prioritize. When you realize that you aren’t physically or mentally capable of doing everything that life sets up in your platter, you will be happier and much more at ease with the fact that you have to do things on a priority basis.

Think of a very common example. You have an urgent work deadline to meet and your family needs you for a dinner. Such situations present themselves all the time. What do you do? You will have to let one of these go in favor of the other. What you choose remains your personal decision. But when you have decided in advance which one of these you will pursue, the failure of the other doesn’t bring a lot of stress on you afterward.

One way to decide on prioritizing things is to see if you can strike compromises with either of them. In the above example, you might try calling up your boss and ask for an extension, or you might speak with your family and ask if the date could be postponed. In most circumstances, such compromise adjustments work. They keep you and everyone involved happier – everyone likes a spot of frankness in their lives – and, most importantly, free from stress.

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