The Social Bible Of Winning Friends And Influencing People In The 21st Century Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Human Beings Are Social Creatures

Chapter 2: Know What a Friend Is—21st Century Friendship

Chapter 3: Friends at Work Vs. Social Friends

Chapter 4: Are You Friend Material?

Chapter 5: Why You Need Friends

Chapter 6: Creating Impressions on People

Chapter 7: Internet Friends—A Whole New World

Chapter 8: The Right Approach to Impress Online Friends

Chapter 9: Spread Yourself Thin

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 9:

Spread Yourself Thin


If your ultimate goal is to win the highest number of friends and impress as many people as you can, then you should pay great attention to making yourself visible in all the places that you can. Spreading yourself thin is the one thing you really need to do.

Spread Yourself Thin

Your goal is to get the highest number of friends possible. Everyone can be a friend; this is a party where everyone is welcome. Why not? It is always the more the merrier. You can make everyone happy, whether you have just 10 friends or 100. It does not matter. There are ways in which you can keep in touch with all of them.

You do not need to speak with every friend on every day. That is physically not possible. But, you should be concerned about them. The Internet has made things so much easier. Make a Google Group of your friends or a Facebook group and keep in touch with them. Even if you send them emails constantly, these people will be in touch with you… at least that becomes a way for them to remember that you do exist!

The same applies when you are trying to impress people. You meet people at all times. Every day, you are likely to meet several new people. This is something that you should think of as an asset. Every person you meet could be a potential friend. Think of it that way. When you meet everyone keeping in mind that they can become fast friends with you in the future, then your behavior with them automatically changes. You really work towards making them a friend just because you are meeting them with such an intention.

It does not matter how many people you try to impress. You can try and impress the whole world if you want. If you are a celebrity or a popular international figure, then that is surely going to be important to you… to impress the whole world. Again, that is a consistent effort. Once you have built an impression on someone, you cannot take away that impression for anything.

Now, one of the most important things that you have to remember when you are trying to strike the right chord with people and making them your friend is that you have to spread yourself thin.

Spreading yourself thin simply means that you have to try and impress the highest number of people possible. There are so many people around you—every person is an opportunity—but if you are introvert who keeps shying away from people, then how is that going to happen? The most important thing for you when you are trying to build relationships is to try and spread your charm to as many people as possible.

In short, you should not fail to impress anyone that you meet. You should always keep it working. You should always be in an effort to create favorable impressions on people. Remember that people are trying to judge you in whatever you are doing. You have to ensure that this kind of impression always has the right impact, because only then will you be able to enamor people enough to become your friend.

So, try and take yourself as far and wide as possible. Do not remain cooped up in your own house. Come out of it. Do not be scared of people. You have to make friends with everyone and win them over, and to do that, you will definitely have to come out of your room and meet people.

Meet people wherever you can, wherever you go. Meet them in the church, meet them in your school or college or workplace, meet them in the neighborhood, meet them while jogging and so on. These people are all looking for friends, just like you are. However, most times we stifle potentially great friendships by not communicating our feelings to the people that we meet. If we could do that, we will certainly be able to make a lot more friends and impress a lot more people.

It is eventually a game of numbers. The more people you meet, the more chances you have of making friends. People are everywhere, but you have to contact them. Communicate with them in different ways. They will open out to you and a lot of them will become your friends too. It is only by such practice that you can become a good contender later on. If people are getting impressed by you right now, you can do better by trying to impress more people. If you are winning friends now, you will win more friends over time. It all takes some practice.

Do not focus yourself on ‘niche’ friends. Do not think that you can make friends only at school or college or the workplace or on the football ground or in your neighborhood. Friends can be made anywhere you go. You can impress people wherever you go. New opportunities are present everywhere. You have to have the eye to see them. You have to try everything out and see what works. Who knows, your best friend may come from the most unexpected place!

Take this as a dose of motivation. Friends are everywhere, only you have to look harder for them sometimes. But, keep looking. You are sure to find the right ones for you if you are persistent enough.

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