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Self Esteem and Personal Transformation

It is difficult to maintain a healthy self-esteem while adjusting to personal transformations that allow us to better our life. Because so many people in the world prey on those that work toward a better way of life, we are all in danger of being torn down by others on a daily basis. Still, we have the power to change this pattern by staying away from negative people that hold us back from our progress. Thus, we want to build positive relationships with others. Particularly, one must cultivate positive friends and mates that will support you through the process of self-development. We mention self-development because in order to build self-esteem through personal transformation, one must also cultivate other fruitages of his or her personal qualities.

Self-esteem is defined as our value we put on self. IT is our sense of worth that builds our confidence and self-respect. We cannot have a healthy self-esteem without building the confidence and self-respect. The three work in unison to keep us sound in mind. Our pride is factor into building self-esteem. This is because our pride causes various feelings and thoughts to develop. For instance, when you see someone with an arrogant attitude, this person has an unhealthy level of pride that affects self and others.

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