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The Rise of the Info-Preneur

The Rise of the Info The Rise of the Info The Rise of the InfoThe Rise of the InfoThe Rise of the InfoThe Rise of the Info The Rise of the Info-Preneur

Information marketing is a beautiful business.

It’s beautifully simple, beautifully lucrative and beautifully flexible. I don’t think many new internet marketers give information marketing the respect it deserve. Perhaps it’s just too simple, too easy or they’re looking for something a little more magical and special.

I don’t know.

But if stop and think about it for a second — compare info-marketing to building a real-world, brick-and-mortar business it’s a lot, lot easier!

Think about this:

In the real world, you need a real location, a brick and mortar location. You need stock, you might need staff (unless you plan on doing it all yourself), you have opening and closing hours, holidays, taxes, taxes and more taxes to pay and that’s just not counting the daily problems you’re going to face.

Ordering stock, running out of stock.

Having no customer’s turn-up, having too many customers turn-up.

Having staff go sick, go on holiday (God forbid) and before you even get that far — the tens of thousands of dollars it takes just to get started and open your doors for the first time.

Compare it to information marketing.

You do it from home, in the spare-bedroom, at your kitchen table (that’s where I am, right now) or in a coffee shop somewhere. While your wife watches TV, while your kid plays by your feet or while you wait for the dinner to cook.

With info-marketing you can work when you want, where you and how you want.

You are your own boss and work on your terms.

The cost of creation is low, just your time. The cost of inventory is low (a few megabytes stored on your computer or whatever it costs to print and mail out) and the profit margins… are just ridiculous.

Think how it costs to write one page of writing or record a short video and how much you can charge for it?

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