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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Style Basics
Chapter 2:
Determine Your Body Type
Chapter 3:
Best Styles For Straight Body Shapes
Chapter 4:
Best Styles For Apple Body Shapes
Chapter 5:
Best Styles For Pear Body Shapes
Chapter 6:
Best Styles For The Hourglass Shape
Chapter 7:
Best Styles For The Full Figure
Chapter 8:
How Dressing Well Makes You Feel Better

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Chapter 2: Determine Your Body Type


Different individuals have different features, physical attributes and body types. You will notice that some people are naturally skinny, fat or naturally muscular or lean.

People have different body types, which play a big role in how they look. The following information will help you learn about the different body types, ways to determine your body type and the advantages of understanding what your body type is.

All individuals are not created equal. One displays features that the other one does not possess. You have to understand that each person is unique in his/her own ways. People have their own facial features, body shapes and body types.

It is important to determine your own body type because this defines what clothes to wear and how to style yourself. There are several aspects of life where determining your body type is necessary.

The Three Different Body Types

1. Ectomorphs

Ectomorphs have a naturally skinny type of body. These are the women and men who are relatively thin or skinny for their whole lives without really putting much effort towards their workouts or diets. This body type is distinguished by absence of excessive muscle or fat tissue. Ectomorphs have narrow clavicles and hips, thin builds, small joints, long limbs and stringy belly muscles.

2. Endomorphs

This is the fat body type. Endomorphs are characterized by the prevalence of their body fat. These are women and men who will likely be bigger and thicker most of their lives. Despite workouts and diets, Endomorphs seem to gain excessive weight while thinking about foods and eating them often. Endomorphs are blocky and they have thicker rib cage, thicker and wider joints, wider hips and shorter limbs.

3. Mesomorphs

This body type is considered as the genetic elite. Mesomorphs are characterized by well-developed musculature. Mesomorphs are typically body builders, fitness models and athletes. Endomorphs and ectomorphs both have their negative and positive sides but mesomorphs get the best of both worlds. Mesomorphs have narrow waists, wide clavicles, round and long muscular bellies and thinner joints.

How to Determine Your Body Type

Determining your body type is the very first step in learning how to dress and look your best. There are ways to help you determine your body type and positive features and they are as follows:

Examine your own body
Simply study the proportions and shape of your body
Stand in front of the mirror while wearing as little clothes as possible for this helps in getting an accurate picture of your real curves.
Focus on the torso’s shape and pay close attention to the contours extending from the thinnest part of your waist to your hip line and rib cage.
Determine the parts of your body from largest to narrowest. Note your waist, bust, thighs, hips and shoulders. Determine the connecting contours that are straightest and curviest.
To determine your body type, you also need to get your hip, waist and bust measurements.
Compare all your measurements to other body types.
Determining your body type is highly essential because it helps define better dressing solutions. Aside from this, your body type also dictates the right garments that will perfectly complement your body. If you want to be a fabulous fashionista, dress well according to your body type.

Advantages of Determining your Body Type

Determining your body type is a means of reading your own body to gain ideas and insights on its uniqueness. This also means gaining complete awareness to pinpoint the things that will work best for you. Your body type can be something that motivates you or defines your authentic self. Understanding your best functions based on your body type is like being guided by your own body manual. Moreover, the physical benefits of determining your body type will allow you to discover more holistic advantages that will certainly improve the quality of your life.

In fashion, determining your body type is highly advantageous. When your body type is clearly determined, it will be easier for you to choose a fashion accessory or garment and dress according to your body type.

Chapter 3: Best Styles for Straight Body Shapes


When you are dressing up, it is important to make sure that you are wearing the right dress that complements your body shape and brings out the best in you. Humans come in different sizes and shapes, so finding the right clothes that will flatter their specific body type can become a daunting task for most of them.

If you have a straight body shape, chances are that you at times have a hard time choosing clothes and fashion accessories that will perfectly suit you. The key to rectify this is to know your proportions and use fashion in accentuating your best physical features. The following are some helpful tips on how to dress your straight body shape:

How to Dress your Straight Body Shape

One of the ultimate keys to dressing your straight body shape is to dress the bottom and top of your body proportionally while enhancing the waist. You can also wear form-fitting clothes like tube-type dresses and create a waist by means of adding a dark and wide belt. However, you can also create more attractive and curvaceous effects by adding volume proportionally to the lower or upper body and matching and mixing suggested separates.

Instant Fashion Tips for your Straight Body Shapes

There are numerous fashion tips that specifically apply to individuals with straight body shapes. So, if you have this kind of body shape, dressing up should not really be a challenge. Your objective in dressing should be creating an illusion of an hourglass shape or figure. No matter what your body shape or type is, balancing the body will always create a pleasing effect.

Creating Curves with Appropriate Colors

Wear color of identical or similar brightness on your lower and upper body while putting in darker color on the waist. Examples are wearing dresses that are light colored with dark and wide belts and wearing shirts that are light colored around the shoulders or bust and dark colored below the bust. Pair these with light colored skirts or pants.

Suggested Dresses for Girls with Straight Body Shapes

If you are a girl with a straight body shape, you can select dresses with fitted waists, full skirts and dresses with embellishments and cuts that add volume to your shoulders and bust and draw attention at the same time.

Additional Fashion Tips

Go for attention-seeking tops with necklines, cuts and embellishments that add volume to your shoulders and busts while emphasizing your waistline. When choosing a jacket, pick the one with structured shoulders, nipped-in waist and a flared bottom. Jackets which come to the hip-bone are the most ideal and flattering for your straight body type.

Accessories and Bottoms for Straight Body Shapes

For a straight body shape, ladies are advised to use fashion accessories like padded bras, wide belts and body shapers trimming your midline. Choose full skirts with amazing embellishments and details and the ones that generate attention. Choose pants that have flap-pockets and jeans that are whiskering in the hips. Slightly flared, boot cut and trouser cuts are the most flattering for this body shape.

Having a straight body shape may require you to have a specific look or fashion style that may not be practical for other people. But remember, you have all the liberty to dress in style according to your body shape. You can take cues from shapes and cuts and create your own unique style. You can experiment, but of course, always be guided with fashion tips that are meant for individuals like you with a straight body shape. Shop for fashion accessories and garments that will make you look your best with your straight body shape.

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