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You must be able to do this even if other people around you are pointing their fingers and saying that you’re crazy, stupid, dumb and there’s no hope. They keep telling you to quit. You must be able to do this and to be able to do this consistently is not a product of luck.

You don’t luck into consistent success. It just doesn’t happen that way. Success is a habit. In fact, if you look at very successful people, it seems that they can’t help but succeed. I know that sounds crazy to somebody who struggles. But they have reached that level.

Success is a habit but not in the way you think. A lot of people are thinking that it’s a habit of finding yourself at the right place, at the right time, doing the right things with the right people to produce the right results. No. It’s a habit of achieving a state of flow. This is the secret.

The good news is you have achieved your own personal state of flow before. You probably did not label it this way. You probably define it more in emotional terms. Maybe you’re not even all that fully aware of it but everybody’s capable of achieving a state of flow.

What exactly am I talking about? It’s a mental and emotional state where you are able to stick to your goals and achieve them regardless of your circumstances. That’s right. No matter how you feel, things fall into place.

For example, if you’re supposed to write a midterm essay that is 20 pages long, as you already know, that takes quite a bit of work because you’re going to have to start with a thesis and finding the right thesis takes quite a bit of time and effort.

There are, after all, many other competing thesis out there that go many different directions you could take. Once you have that, then you have to find the outline of how you’re going to present that thesis. What position you’re going to take. What arguments you’re going to make.

Once you have that nail down, you’re going to have to dissect it. How exactly are you going to prove that thesis? What parts are involved? You have to go through the pros and cons. You shouldn’t just focus on the evidence that support your position. You also have to pay attention to the other side.

After all of this is in front of you, you have to massage all of these into a readable form that not only contains the points you’re trying to make, but makes your points in a firm, clear and effective way. Talk about a tall order.

It’s no surprise that a lot of college students struggle with this because it takes quite a bit of work and focus. When you achieve a state of flow, you blast through the whole process. You go from a confused idea of what your thesis is to zeroing in on a specific type of thesis and then going through so many different previous research to make sure that your particular thesis is unique enough.

That is a state of flow. What would have taken a painful investment of hours can be concluded within minutes or, at most, an hour or two. That’s how you know you’ve achieved a state of flow. Similarly, when you’re outlining your work, it’s very easy to get lost in the jungle of details and before you know it, you get so discouraged and depressed that you just go out for a bite to eat and forget about your paper.

That cheat day, where you took it easy, can easily turn into a cheat week and before you know it, the paper is due. When you achieve a state of flow when you’re outlining, things fall into place. You go from section to section and everything is tight, backed with the right information and is written well enough for you to be able to easily put it together later on.

Finally, when you’re writing out your paper, you know you’ve achieved a state of flow when you just bounce from outline point to outline point and you do an amazing job incorporating the bits and pieces of evidence that you need to come up with something compelling, tight, concise and effective.

This is the state of flow. Pay attention to the process. Did you notice that none of that achievement and performance had anything to do with your feelings? You may be feeling crappy. You may be feeling like life sucks. You may be feeling down because your boyfriend or girlfriend left you. But none of that matters because you are locked in.

Your state of flow also doesn’t involve what other people around you feel. Maybe everybody’s getting ready to go down the street and go drinking. You just say goodbye to them and you get back to your paper. You don’t feel that you’re being left behind. The idea that you’re missing out never enters your head. Instead, you stay locked in.

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