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The Self-Evolving Website

id you know that there’s one change you can make to your website right now that’ll take you only minutes to do, but could increase your sales and conversions by 300% or more?

In fact, there are likely a lot of little tweaks here and there that could have a profound positive impact on your profits. In this case small hinges do swing big doors.

But knowing what to change, as well as what to change it to, is often the challenge.

For instance, as a direct response copywriter who has written sales letters producing millions of dollars for top marketers, both online and off, I know that changing your headline has the greatest potential for boosting your sales, because many more people read the headline over the body sales copy. In fact, legendary adman David Olgilvy has said that five times as many people read the headline as they do the sales copy on average.

Your headline is quite literally an ad for your ad, so it had better do its job, or your sales message won’t even be read. And if they don’t read it, they certainly won’t buy your product or service.

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