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Table of Contents

Chapter – 1 Juicing For Beginners
* Juicing vs. Blending
Chapter – 2 The Science of Juicing
* Why Our Diet Is Lacking the Importance of Fiber
* Why Juicing?
* How Juicing Helps Your Body
* Juicing and Detoxing
* What If You’re Not Ready To Start Juicing?
Chapter – 3 Juice Cleanses
* Juicing and Gut Health
* Kidney Cleanse
* Benefits of a Kidney Cleanse
* Recipes for a Kidney Cleanse
Chapter – 4 Anti-Aging and Juicing
* Reduce the Onset of Aging
* Anti-Aging Recipes
Chapter – 5 Juicing for Boosting Energy
* Energy Boosters
* Energy Drinks
* Juices for Energy
Chapter – 6 Which to Prefer – Homemade or Store-Packed Juices
* Juices Are Not Created Equal
* Possible Problems with Bottled Juices
* Juices Made In Your Juicer
* Types of Juicers
Chapter – 7 Benefits of Juicing
* The Many Advantages of Juicing
* Best Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing
* Best Vegetables for Juicing
* Best Fruits for Juicing
* Making Substitutions
* Best Substitutions For Juicing
Chapter – 8 Top-Secret and Healthy Recipes for Juicing
Chapter – 9 Going Beyond Juicing
* Don’t Toss the Pulp!
* How to Use Pulp
* Recipes Using Pulp
Chapter – 10 Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle
* Live More Energetically
* Developing Good Habits

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Chapter – 2

The Science of Juicing

Juicing is one of the quickest growing and most popular health trends. We know that fresh vegetables and fruits are necessary to our health. They contain the vitamins and enzymes that our bodies need to thrive.

Why Our Diet Is Lacking

Fresh juice is an excellent way to counteract our nutrition-challenged Western diet. Processed sugars and flours, unhealthy fats and cholesterol-laden foods have turned our once-healthy bodies into weak shadows of their former selves. Instead of sustaining our health, our modern diet is increasing our vulnerability to diseases and is depleting us of needed energy.

When you add lack of exercise and environmental toxins to the equation, juicing certainly provides a much-needed weapon against today’s lifestyle.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can help get our health back on track. They should be the mainstay of our diet, enjoyed in different ways each day. We can all benefit from increasing our intake of fresh produce.

The good news is that juicing provides us with concentrated wholesomeness. We get more health benefits in a glass of juice than we could possibly get by eating an apple or orange. What is not immediately evident is that juicing our produce robs them – and us – off the fibers we need to stay healthy.

Nature intended for us to bite into its rich bounty. Juicing removes fiber from produce. In effect, it separates all those glorious vitamins and antioxidants from the fiber. And fiber is an important part of a healthy diet.

The Importance of Fiber

Nature packages the energy and nutrients in fresh foods with fiber.

Fiber plays many important roles in our health:

What role does fiber play in our health? Quite an important one, as it turns out.

1. Fiber removes toxic waste from our colon.
2. It keeps cholesterol from getting into our bloodstream
3. It makes us feel full after eating, thus helping us eat less and lose weight.
4. It slows down sugar absorption into our bloodstream, a serious problem for pre-diabetics or diabetics.
5. It improves overall digestive functions.

So, fruits, vegetables and fiber are all a good thing, but juicing separates them. As a juicer pulverizes the produce into a contracted juice, it strips away much of the fiber. In a way, a juicer can “process” produce in much the same way processed foods have their nutrients removed. Which means the juicer is processing the food instead of our own digestive system. However, our body absorbs nutrients a lot faster without the contained fiber.

Fruit juice, of course, contains fructose, a natural sugar. However, our body can’t distinguish between natural and unnatural sugars, so a constant craving for sweet juice can actually lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

There is no denying that juices provide nutrient-dense calories that our body craves. That’s why juicing is so beneficial. It especially lets us enjoy the benefits of healthy vegetables we otherwise might not touch.

For instance, you may not enjoy the taste of kale or spinach, and, thus avoid eating these important vegetables. However, when they are juiced along with other ingredients, you derive the benefit of these power-foods in a very pleasant way. Blending different fruits and vegetables is very much a part of juicing.

However, unless you are doing a short-term cleanse (we will be discussing cleanses in another chapter), be aware that juicing should become a part of a healthier, more robust, lifestyle. It should not replace every meal for any length of time. It’s one of the best ways of getting all the nutrition we need for maximum health and energy.

For example, 2 cups of carrot juice (very doable) has the nutritional equivalence of eight pounds of carrots. You surely don’t want to eat those eight pounds of carrots in one sitting, whereas you can enjoy two cups easily.

However, you still need fiber when you’re juicing. That means that, along with juicing, you should be eating foods high in fiber, such as whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, and legumes such as lentils, and beans. These foods are the perfect complement to your juicing diet.

Juicing is wonderful when used as a “fast food,” a quick, very potent and nutritious meal. With all the juicers on the market (we will discuss them in a later chapter), you’ll be juicing it in no time and loving it.

Why Juicing?

Juicing extracts juices from vegetables and fruits. Instead of eating your produce, you’re left with only liquid to drink. Remember that little citrus reamer your grandmother used to squeeze you a glass of fresh orange juice? Grandma was juicing. Of course, juicers have come a long way since then, although Grandma’s little gadget can still come in handy.

Why is juicing more important today than ever? Because, unfortunately, a typical Western diet consists of up to 60 percent processed foods. That’s more than half! Thirty percent of our diet is meats and dairy, which provides needed protein, but we need more than protein to thrive.

You may notice that leaves exactly 10 percent for fruits and vegetables. Not nearly enough. Our bodies lack the proper food balance. That may be fine when you’re 12 years old and are made up pure energy. But by the time you reach the northern part of your twenties, your body starts paying a heavy price.

How Juicing Helps Your Body

Plant-based foods consist of micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals you need to act and feel your best. These micronutrients help protect against disease and warding off infections. Even if you inherited divine genes, you need to maintain them. Your parents might have handed you sheer gold, but it’ll turn to rust if you don’t give your body the fuel it requires.

Juicing lets you “reboot” to better health. No matter what condition you are in, the time to start is now. Juicing is the best way to detox your body, improve your immune system, start losing weight, ease any gut problems and enjoy more energy than you’d thought possible.

Juicing and Detoxing

Our body tries to detox every day when we use the bathroom or sweat. It knows what to do, but when we don’t give it the fuel it needs, it can’t do a proper job. Our skin, liver and kidney are all tools for eliminating toxins. But an unhealthy lifestyle can make it difficult.

Pollution, drugs, alcohol and a poor diet can create an overload of toxins inside of us. And when our body can’t eliminate toxins naturally, it starts to store them, where they nibble away at our immune system, tissues, and organs, causing serious health problems.

We are natural plant eaters. Our forefathers gathered whatever plants and berries they could every day. Hunting down some meat happened a lot less often. And nothing was processed. Today, we have turned from a mostly plant-based diet to consuming more and more processed foods, meats and fats.

Over 30 percent of American men and women suffer from obesity while still lacking vital nutrients. As we’ve pointed out, they are overfed and undernourished. We crave sugars and fats, and that’s okay. We celebrate with cake and commiserate with a pint ice cream. An occasional slice of cheesecake does no harm. However, junk food can become such a habit, we don’t even realize it. We order a pizza because everyone else does. This leaves our health at serious risk.

Juicing will not only give our bodies a fighting chance, as we get used to the taste of various fruits and vegetable juices, we will start craving them. We get the similar feeling of satisfaction from drinking delicious juices that we used to get from chomping down on a potato chip. That’s when we start to feel and look better.

You can start slow. As the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Start your journey by juicing a glass in the morning to go with your breakfast, and eat well for the rest of the day. When you feel ready, you can have a glass of juice replace an entire meal. You still need fiber and protein, so don’t rely on juice for all your nutrients, unless you are doing a short-term juice cleanse. We will discuss that separately.

What If You’re Not Ready To Start Juicing?

Perhaps you don’t feel ready for juicing. You may like the concept, but you aren’t quite willing to forego the fast-food burger at lunch, the pizza delivery when you get home, and those nachos while watching the game.

That’s okay. It’s your decision. However, this is when you might need a glass of juice the most. While you’re consuming all those toxins, your energy is lagging. You aren’t feeling as well as you could. Why not give your body the ammunition it needs, and a fighting chance? With at least one glass of concentrated juice a day, preferably more, the additional nutrition can help counteract some of the toxins. So, if you must, have that pizza. Consider having a glass of concentrated juice, as well.

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