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Chapter 1:
Throw A Game Or Contest

Chapter 2: Give Aways

Chapter 3:
Gain Loyalty By Providing A Stake In The Brand

Chapter 4:
Build Credibility By Helping Others

Chapter 5:
Have Some Fun

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Chapter 2:

Give Aways


If planning and carrying out an online game or competition seems intimidating, you are able to always come back to basics and appeal to a general human reality: individuals love free junk.

Free Stuff

There is another success story with an online photo processing service who wanted to establish a fan base and tug at user engagement via Facebook. What they did was use a monthly e-zine to promote an easy game related to an old classic photo game. In the e-zine, 2 subtly dissimilar pictures were featured, and the 1st groups of users who named and posted the deviations on Facebook got a $25 gift card. The photo processing company got more Facebook fans than ever – or since.

In a like promotion, an alcoholic beverage company discovered a creative way to capitalize on extra canvas carryalls sitting around their office. Instead of stuffing the bags in a storage closet, they utilized the bags as prizes in a competition designed to drive user participation on Facebook.

To acquire a carryall, users were asked to place pictures of themselves drinking the beverage on the brand’s Facebook page, a comparatively effortless request looking at the number of drinking photos on
Facebook. Needless to say, the canvas carryalls went like hotcakes, and brand cognizance expanded exponentially. The price? An uncluttered office.

If you’re just beginning and not making any income yet on, then you’ll have to decide whether or not you prefer to spend money on a giveaway or not.

What should you give away? Gift cards are forever popular. But a different great idea is to target it to your chief audience. Give something away that will associate with your product or service.

Don’t prefer to spend your own income on a giveaway? You still have alternatives. Attempt asking business owners that you know if they’d like to sponsor a giveaway. You’ll have to pitch your site, so make certain you tell them how many visitors you get or expect. Tell them who you readers are and what kind of products that they’d be interested in. And tell them how you’ll market your giveaway. Do make certain to tell them that they’ll be responsible for sending the prize to the winner however. It is so much simpler than having them ship it to you and then you sending it to the winner.

Another way to discover sponsors for your giveaways is to ask your contacts on Twitter and Facebook. Another good way to discover sponsors is in the Etsy forums. Etsy is a site that craftsmen sell their handmade goods on. Just post that you’re seeking sponsors for a giveaway on your site, what type of site you have and your contact info. Likely the easiest way to pull in sponsors is to begin praising them on your site. Do you love a housecleaning product? A gizmo? Playthings? When you give good reviews, individuals will take notice, particularly businesses. If a business contacts you to sponsor a giveaway, they’ll more than likely offer you a gratis product to review. Then they’ll provide one or more of that same product for you to have a giveaway with.

All right, now you have your giveaway prize. Begin dropping hints that you’ll be featuring a giveaway soon. This peaks interest and keeps people coming back. When you’re ready to submit your giveaway, make certain to make it an amusing post. Ask people to leave a comment about the product, what they admire about it, something like that. Then provide extra giveaway entries. For example if they discuss your giveaway on their blog, they receive an extra entry. If they tweet about it on twitter, a different entry. Utilize your resourcefulness, but make certain it all leads back to more views for your site.

Besides promoting on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, e-mail it to your friends and family and post it on (OLS). OLS is the largest and best site listing for online giveaways and you’ll get a lot of traffic.

Choose the winner and send out Your Prize.

Contact your winner and get their mailing address. Ship their prize without delay, and include a courteous card thanking them for entering your giveaway.

Chapter 3:

Gain Loyalty By Providing A Stake In The Brand


When the company Vitamin Water chose to set up a fresh flavor, it chucked the labs and focus groups and marking authorities and addressed social media networks.

Intrigue People

Throughout the summertime of 2009, the company pursued and grew its Facebook fan base by asking for ideas from users concerning the name and promotional material for the fresh flavor.

More than a million fans took part in the contest, and famous persons were intermeshed via video clips to prod interest. In the long run, once “Connect,” the fresh flavor, arrived on the shelves, there were a 1000000 potential purchasers on the market far more likely to gather up a bottle than they had been prior to interacting with the competition.

Word of mouth advertising has forever been the best (and less expensive) form or advertising and now with social media tools like twitter and Facebook, it’s even easier to help individuals spread the word for just about anything, even your products and services.

In a survey a while back by Nielsen online, they demonstrated that thirty-four percent or respondents wholly trusted something when it came from a testimonial from somebody that they knew. Think about it, if your acquaintance come in speaking very positively about a service or product and you have the slimmest bit of interest in it, you will likely ask who makes it or where do I get one. I know I’m like that.

And so if your company or business has a product or service and individuals talk about it off line, then I would be to your benefit to get them to talk about it online likewise. Suppose you own a restaurant and you meet the clients and they have a fantastic meal. Let them know your restaurant is on Facebook or Twitter and share the page with everybody that comes in. Immediately, your buyers may share their experience with you and other buyers online. Now their acquaintances will see it and be thinking, “Perhaps we should go to that restaurant John was talking about last week…”.

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