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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Miracle Basics

Chapter 2: Understanding The Meaning Of Supernatural

Chapter 3: Miracles In Christianity

Chapter 4: Miracles In Other Religions

Chapter 5: Asking For Miracles In Christianity

Chapter 6: Asking For Miracles In Other Religions

Chapter 7: The Difference Between Miracles And Coincidence

Chapter 8: Real Life Stories of Miracles

Chapter 9: The Effects Of Expecting Miracles On Mindset

Chapter 10: What The Critics And Proponents Have To Say

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Chapter 6: Asking For Miracles In Other Religions


Asking for miracles in other religions is more or less the same way as how Christians would ask Jesus or God for miracles. All miracles are asked through prayers and worship. What makes it different is the manner of how each religion worships their Gods.

Asking In Other Religions

Muslim Worship

Muslims pray to Allah five times in each day. Aside from simply telling Allah what your need is, there is a standard formal prayer that should be done to give praise to him. In order to do this, it would be good to have a prayer rug.

While standing, raise your hands and say “God is great” in Arabic. With hands over your chest, recite the first chapter of the Quran in Arabic and then recite any other verse that you like. After this, raise your hands up again and say, “God is great”. Bow and recite, “Glory be to my Lord Almighty” in Arabic three times. Rise and recite, “God hears those who call, Praise be to You Lord” in Arabic. Once again, raise your hands saying, “God is great” then kneel to the ground saying, “Glory be to my Lord, the Most High” in Arabic. Sit and say, “God is great”. Stand and say, “God is great”.

This concludes the first cycle of prayer. To start the second cycle, begin from the second “God is great” including all actions and positions until the end. When the second cycle is done, one sits and recites the Tashahhud in Arabic. Turn right and say “Peace and God’s Blessings be with you” in Arabic. Turn to the left and repeat the greeting.

Buddhist Worship

Buddhists worship through chanting, meditation and reading scriptures. They may do this at home or at a temple. Unlike other religions that pray individually and in groups, Buddhists do not have to be together when they worship. Often, there is a statue of Buddha with candles and incense burners below.

Worshipers sit on the floor barefoot while chanting and facing Buddha. If monks are present, Buddhists will listen to monks as they chant from Buddhist texts. Usually this is done while appropriate music is playing.

Hindu Worship

Hindu worship is called Puja. Puja is done before home shrines or in temples. Hindi worships consist of the use of the five senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It also involves the 5 elements – light, fire, earth, water and air. They chant prayers to their different Gods and Goddesses. They also pray to animals. The cows and rats are very sacred to them. As in other religions, Hindus have different prayers for each of their Gods. This is similar to Roman Catholics where there are different prayers for the different saints. Each Hindu God has a “specialty”. They have a God for Speech and Learning, a God for Science, Art and Music, a God for Peace, a God for Prosperity and many more. They also believe in one supreme God aside from all these special Gods and Goddesses.

Chapter 7: The Difference Between Miracles And Coincidence


Now let’s have a look at the differences between miracles and coincidences.

The Differences

What are Coincidences?

Coincidences are things or events that simply happen and often do not have any relevance in a person’s needs, wants or desires. In the dictionary, a coincidence is defined as a collection of events that have close associations with each other because they are somehow related by form, time or space.

Examples of Coincidences

There are many examples of coincidences. An example of a coincidence is when you and somebody else end up saying the same word at the same time. It is also a coincidence when you end up wearing the same color as your blind date. Another example of a coincidence is when a black cat crosses in front of you and you lose your wallet later in the day. Though many believe that black cats are signs of bad luck there is no proof that they actually are. Many people cross paths with black cats everyday but nothing unfortunate happens to most.

People can put as much meaning into coincidences as they want but it does not change the fact that they just happened for no apparent reason. Saying or not saying the same word at the same time will not affect anything. If you are careless to lose your wallet, you will lose it even if you don’t see a black cat. Wearing the same color as your blind date does not mean that he or she is “the one”. If God wants you to be together, both of you will end up together even if you never wear the same color.

What are Miracles Again?

Miracles, as described earlier, are extraordinary, unusual or supernatural events that manifest divine intervention in the affairs of men. This is the “big” definition of miracles. When coincidences happen and they affect or become relevant in our lives, perhaps they are not just coincidences but small miracles. Nobody ever said that miracles had to be big. Small miracles happen every day. God can do anything and he can put his hand in the affairs of men anytime.

Examples of Everyday Miracles

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