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Hello from Egypt, the Land of Pharaohs! This is Mohamed Tohami.

Our culture is steeped in history. Everywhere you travel, you are reminded of the great legacies left behind by our pharaoh forefathers.

Abundant legacies of success surround us. The Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and grand temples built by wealthy, successful pharaohs are a daily reminder of what each of our lives can be. Not just in Egypt, but anywhere in the world.

This culture has inspired me since my childhood and has guided me to my mission in life – to uncover the success wisdom of the ages and to share it with others so that they may awaken their inner giants and transform their lives from making a living to making a difference.

And I want to help you explore the many possibilities that lay in front of you.

Possibilities for greatness. Possibilities for success.

Through my personal experience, my research, and the interviews I’ve conducted with close to one hundred successful people, I have discovered that there is a single emotion responsible for ALL great success stories in the history of mankind.

The world moves very fast these days, and the hectic pace of life forces most people to fight for shelter and security, trapping them into just “making a living” and “fighting for survival.” And once people are trapped, they start saying they’re “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

The constant stress of modern life has overshadowed the importance of this one emotion, and its loss has taken more lives than all the wars in the history of the world – but the biggest tragedy is that its loss took the lives of people who are still breathing. Yes, the loss of that one emotion left people like zombies. They may be alive physiologically, but their hearts and their passion for life were lost long ago.

And the world has become more violent since the loss of this emotion. People are disconnected from one another, focused exclusively on their own lives and on how to SURVIVE.

The focus of everyday life has shifted from SERVICE to SURVIVAL.

The path of mankind is congested with people who enter and exit the world without so much as leaving a smudge on the pages of history, whereas others manage to create everlasting success and, through their legacies, live on in the hearts and minds of those who come after them.

Those shining stars excelled because they embraced the lost emotion and incorporated it into every single moment of their lives.

The day I discovered that lost emotion inside of me, and started pumping it into every area of my life, everything changed for me and I experienced a complete life makeover.

Only once I breathed it in, could the transformation begin.

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