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Table of Contents

Introduction ….. 5
Part 1 – 6 Common Myths Of The Law Of Attraction ….. 8
Myth #1: The Law is magical 8
Myth #2: This is all just self hypnosis or delusion 10
Myth #3: The Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking …. 11
Myth #4: This is all just about affirmations … 12
Myth #5: It’s just a one-time thing . 13
Myth #6: It requires special time or arcane training .. 13
Part 2 – 3 Steps To Using The Law Of Attraction – Overview ….. 16
Step #1: Be clear about what you want . 17
The 3 Steps to Clarity .. 19
Step #2 – Focus On What You Want 28
Believe That It’s Possible …. 28
Believe You Can Do It .. 29
Believe That Your Vision Is Clear ….. 30
Act On Your Vision . 30
Help Yourself Out by Using Belief Boosters … 32
Reading Positive Quotes .. 33
Case Studies 34
Biographies . 34
Make It Part Of Your Daily Routine 36
Integrate Your Belief Into Your Daily Life 36
Quick Note on the Importance of Action and Manifestation ….. 40
Small Steps Lead To Big Changes …. 45
Step #3 – Accept What You Want …. 47
Create an Upward Spiral of Reinforcing Associations .. 51
Act On Your Dream … 52
Desire That Positive Feeling Again 52
Conclusion ….. 55
Believe In The Law Of Attraction ….. 56

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Part 1 – 6 Common Myths Of The Law Of Attraction

Unfortunately, a lot of people hang on to 6 common myths about the Law of Attraction, and that’s why it doesn’t work out for them. Let go of these myths and you can rest assured that the law of attraction can have an impact on your life. What are these myths?

Let’s find out…

Myth #1: The Law is magical

For far too many people, this type of thinking is really just magical thinking. We’re talking about witches, wizards, and the supernatural. The good news? It isn’t magical. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

The Law of Attraction involves how people edit and perceive their personal reality. Accept it or not, believe it or not, like it or not, you have a direct and profound role in how you perceive reality, act on it, and ultimately, shape it.

The kind of life you’re living right now is, by and large, a product of your decisions. Where do you think your decisions came from? Let me tell you, it’s not like somebody pointed a gun at your head and told you to make one bad decision after another. Chances are, you have a certain attitude, a certain mindset, that leads you to make decisions a certain way.

Now, if you presented all the opportunities that you had to another person who had a different mindset, chances are, they may end up with a completely different life. There’s nothing magical in this situation.

The Law of Attraction works with your innate, all too human ability to perceive, shape, and ultimately, “edit” your reality. Absolutely no magic involved.

Myth #2: This is all just self hypnosis or delusion

Another line of criticism points to the fact that, since people are engaged in affirmations or conscious and purposeful thought, that this is really just an exaggerated form of self hypnosis. You’re essentially just playing mind games with yourself. Well, not quite.

The law works because it interacts with how your mind shapes reality. Self delusion implies that you are looking at things that don’t exist. Self hypnosis suggests that you’re seeing things that aren’t there. Well, if you follow this guide correctly, you will see things that are there.

You’re going to be dealing with reality, and it all begins with how you choose to perceive and act on your personal reality. Instead of hypnosis or delusion, you are actually learning the skill of purposeful thinking.

Myth #3: The Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking

It’s easy to see why people think this way because a lot of the mainstream depictions of the Law of Attraction involves people engaged in affirmations. They say certain truths to themselves, often times in front of a mirror. In the minds of too many people, this is all there is to the Law of Attraction.

No, it isn’t. That’s just a tiny fraction of what goes on. It’s an important part, but it, by no means, forms the bulk of this very important process. The Law works because it drives you to take action.

Let me tell you one thing, you can engage in all the wishful thinking you want, but your life is never going to change until and unless you take action on the things you purposefully think about. The Law is able to produce all sorts of amazing changes in people’s lives because they are finally, for once in their lives, driven to action.

Myth #4: This is all just about affirmations

Since the common media portrayal of the Law of Attraction involves people saying certain power words and power statements to themselves, it’s very easy to dismiss all of this as just self talk. It’s very easy to assume the attitude that the Law of Attraction is really just about talking about certain realities and willing them to happen in your life.

No, it doesn’t work that way, because we’re not just talking about you talking. It requires your total being.

For people to talk, they have to have a certain emotional state. For them to reach that state, they must be thinking a certain way. There has to be certain assumptions and expectations that have to be in place for them to even talk. And the Law of Attraction goes beyond talk because this affirmation has to eventually lead to you changing your actions.

You have to understand that your life is a result of your decisions, and nobody else’s. Start making better decisions and you will find yourself at a better place. The Law simply just makes this process more purposeful, transparent, and rational. That’s how it works.

And it operates on many levels. It changes who you are inside, as well as your perception of others.

Myth #5: It’s just a one-time thing

For the Law of Attraction to produce massive positive effects on your life, it involves changing your habits. These changes are so profound, so deep and so far reaching that they can turn your life around and they can last a lifetime. This is the furthest thing from a one-time thing.

Myth #6: It requires special time or arcane training

You don’t have to spend hours upon hours practicing the Law of Attraction for you to change your life. In fact, you can incorporate this practice into the daily details of your life.

Indeed, for many people, it has become such a seamless part of their lives that they don’t even notice. It’s just one of the things they do. This enables them to reap amazing results each and every time. And everything flows smoothly because the Law of Attraction is an integral part of what they do every day and who they are as people.

Now, with all the 6 powerful myths about the Law of Attraction out of the way, this guide aims to deliver daily practical steps you can use to turn the Law of Attraction from a concept into a reality. This reality can enrich your life. It can enable you to adopt the right habits. It can enable you to live a life of purpose, meaning and control.

The bottom line is actually simple: Are you ready to be the one that makes things happen in your life, instead of the poor soul who constantly asks around in confusion “what happened?” You have to choose.

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