The Laugh Factor: How to Develop Your Own Unique Sense of Humor PLR Ebook With Audio

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PLR Ebook With Audio Table Of Contents

Introduction                                        4

Chapter One                                    6
Laugh Your Way Through Life And Better Relationships
Developing Your Sense Of Humor

Chapter Two                                    12
How to Develop A Great Sense Of Humor
Let the Laughter Ring!

Chapter Three                                    17
The Family That Laughs Together…
Raising Funny Kids

Chapter Four                                    26
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Office:
Learn to Find the Funny Side of Work

Chapter Five                                    34
How to Use Humor to Communicate Effectively
Humor Says It All!

Chapter Six                                        45
Doctor, Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This!
Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Conclusion                                        54

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Humor is simply the ability to evoke feelings of amusement in others. A person, object, situation, or combination of these may be humorous. Humor is a way of communicating that makes you and others laugh or feel happy.

All people have a sense of humor. Some may have a more developed sense of humor compared with others. Hence, situations that may seem hilarious to some will appear incredibly dull to others. There are many variables involved when it comes to determining a person’s sense of humor.

Among these variables are geographic location and culture. Oftentimes, what Americans find humorous is met with cold stares and totally not understood by other cultures. Another possible factor is the American slang that prevents others from understanding and appreciating the Americans’ brand of humor. Cultural taboos could also keep others from finding certain topics humorous.

Other variables may include maturity or educational levels of the individual. For example, a young child laughs over a character slipping and falling on a banana peel, while the adult finds satirical humor highly entertaining. Obviously, the young child is not going to understand satire and the adult may find pratfalls just plain silly and juvenile.

Even gender can be a variable when it comes to sense of humor. Men and women do not always appreciate the same type of humor. Men favor aggressive humor with sexual content, while women might appreciate humor with subtle sexual content.

The origin of the word “humor” comes from the ancient Greeks and the humoral medicine. The Greeks believed that a mix of fluids they called “humors” control human health and emotions.

Whether you are a young child or a senior citizen, developing a sense of humor is essential to your health and well-being. This report will teach you how to develop your own unique sense of humor! Therefore, put a smile on your face and let the laughter begin!…

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