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Table of Contents

Chapter One – Product Market Fit Hacks 10
#1 – Validate Your Idea in Less Than an Hour …10
#2 – Add a Video Background to any UnBounce Landing Page.11
#3 – Create a Metrics Dashboard That Keeps You On Top of Your KPIs ..12
#4 – Benchmark Your Cost Per Acquisition Target..13
#5 – Ensure Your Product Solves Real Customer Problems..14
#6 – Determine Your Optimal Product Pricing with Psychology ..14
#7 – Conduct Simple A/B Tests on Your Landing Page….14
#8 – Find the Perfect Name for Your Product or Service…16
#9 – Use Google Ads to Test Demand for Your Product …16
#10 – How to Watch Customers Interact with Your Website..17
#11 – How to Use Survey Monkey to Collect Customer Feedback ..17
#12 – How to Use Qualaroo to Collect Instant Feedback ..18
#13 – How to Collect Data About Customer Activity on Your Site so you Can Make a
Better Product ..18
#14 – How to Hack the Best Keyword Research for SEM and SEO.19
#15 – How to Create a Form-Based Website 20
#16 – How to Automate Lead Scoring to Funnel Leads to Specific Landing Pages ..21
#17 – How to Get The Advice You Need Without a Huge Network ..21
#18 – How to Start a Blog in Under 5-Minutes….22
#19 – How to Start Building Your Email List ..22
#20 – How to Hack a Marketing Plan for Your Business Launch.22
Chapter Two – Hacks for Transitioning to Growth ..23
#21 – How to Create a Viral Pre-Launch Signup Form 23
#22 – How to Make Sharing Easier with an UpVote Widget …24
#23 – How to Create a Viral “Invite a Friend” Thank You Page …25
#24 – How to Create a Press List Using the Power of the Crowd….25
#25 – How to Target Influencers with Followerwonk, Klout, or Brand24….26
#26 – How to use “Help a Reporter Out” to get your startup some PR.26
#27 – How to Syndicate Your Blog for Additional Inbound Traffic….27
#28 – How to Analyze Your Blog for Clues on How to Optimize It…29
#29 – How to use Customer Testimonials To Support Your Product Features….30
#30 – How to Identify the Most Popular Topics using Buzzsumo ….30
#31 – How to Create a Simple Customer Newsletter with Linkydink ….31
#32 – Send Your Different Traffic Sources to Different Pages….31
#33 – Growth Hack Your Customer’s Attention Spans with a Progress Meter ….32
#34 – Create Your Own Daily Deal to Send to Your Customers.32
#35 – How to Create a Huge Content Shadow ..33
#36 – How to Hack a Subscription e-Commerce Business….33
#37 – How to Hack an Easy and Effective Online Store …34
#38 – How to Hack a Cheap Product Demo Video .35
#39 – How to Offer Live Chat Customer Support on Your Website .35
#40 – How to get started with analytics with the help of Quill Engage ..36
#41 – How to Turbocharge your Content Production with Text Broker .36
#42 – How to Stay in Front of your Customers by Retargeting …37
#43 – How to Hack Google’s Quality Score to Lower Your Cost Per Click 37
#44 – How to Infiltrate Your Customer’s Inbox with Gmail Sponsored Promotions. .38
#45 – How to Use YouTube Video Ads to Save Money….38
#46 – How to Get Better Traffic Quality with Google Ads Bid Multipliers …39
#47 – How to Drive Lead Volume Using Google’s Mobile Ads Call Button40
#48 – How to Use Reddit and HackerNews to Acquire New Customers …40
#49 – How to Acquire Customers with LinkedIn’s Visitor Tracking Code…41
#50 – How to Start Your Own Social Network with…41
#51 – How to Attract the Right Visitors by Creating Lookalike Audiences on Facebook42
#52 – How to Use Twitter Cards to Increase Leads, Subscribers, and Sales.43
#53 – How to Customize Share Buttons with AddThis to Encourage Sharing 44
#54 – How to Encourage and Incentivize Sharing with Click to Tweet Style Links. ..44
#55 – How to Create, Launch, and Test Facebook Ads Using AdEspresso …45
#56 – How to Hack a Social Media Marketing Plan 45
#57 – How to Create Engaging Infographics for SEO Backlinks and Shareable Content.46
#58 – How to Create an Easy and Effective Viral Referral Email46
#59 – How to Create Emails that Your Customers will Care About .47
#60 – How to Create Your Own Photos with ShutterStock Custom.48
#61 – How to Spy on your Competition….48
#62 – How to Use One Simple Questions to Make Sure Your Customers Are Happy ..49
Chapter Three – Scaling for Growth Hacks…50
#63 – How to Get Serious with Your SEO Using Moz..50
#64 – How to Match Your Page Content with Your Offer..51
#65 – How to Grow Your Twitter Follower Count ….51
#66 – How to Create Personal Content for Your Website.52
#67 – How to Know Which Metrics Are Critical to Measure …53
#68 – How to Use Zapier to Make Your Life Easier 54
#69 – How to Become a Thought Leader with Email Courses….54
#70 – How to Send Email to Users Who Haven’t Referred a Customer Yet…55
#71 – How to Implement Automatic Trigger Based Emails ….55
#72 – How to Collaborate With Users on Product Development.56
#73 – How to Hack Your Site pages for Increasing Organic Traffic .56
#74 – How to Track and Follow Up on Social Media Mentions …57
#75 – How to Make HubSpot Your Marketing Ground Zero…57
#76 – How to Have a Personal Assistant Without Breaking Your Budget..58
#77 – How to Outsource Your Market Research58
#78 – How to Create Your Own Growth Hacking Hub with Pocket..59
#79 – How to Keep in Touch with Your Network Through LinkedIn Connections59

Sample Content Preview

#10 – How to Watch Customers Interact with Your Website

Seeing how users are interacting with your website can be extremely beneficial for your business. The company, (, provides businesses with the ability to gain videos of targeted users interacting with your website. The company has you set up tasks for the users, ask them questions, and get their feedback. Then within minutes, you can watch the videos of them doing this and provide you with immediate feedback. The users get paid to interact with your website. While testing, audiences aren’t engaged website users, their feedback can be beneficial.

#11 – How to Use Survey Monkey to Collect Customer Feedback

If you don’t know, Survey Monkey ( allows you to create, circulate, and analyze customer surveys, to find out what your customers really need. This can be extremely helpful for creating buyer personas. This is what’s known as “customer development” and is the most essential part of starting a business. The easiest way to solicit customer feedback is through a well-planned survey. Start collecting feedback from your customers with a free account at Survey Monkey, or get even more responses by upgrading your account.

#12 – How to Use Qualaroo to Collect Instant Feedback Your website is your most important digital marketing tool your business has, and the visitors to that site provide you with the most significant opportunity to monetize this particular marketing channel. Traditionally, you haven’t been able to query your visitors while they’re browsing your site. Enter Qualaroo, (, a company that allows you to ask your visitors questions as they navigate through your site. This will enable you to understand their needs, as well as their challenges better, to ensure that your site is meeting them. Qualaroo lets you deploy mini-surveys or questions based on the visitor’s navigation and based on their previous answers.

#13 – How to Collect Data About Customer Activity on Your Site so you Can Make a Better Product This hack will show you how you can track how people use your website or application, and utilize the data you gather to unlock deep insights that will help you grow your business. You’ll need to sign up for a free account at ( and add their code snippet to your site. This will allow Trialfire to automatically begin collecting every pageview, click, form submission, and other action that happens on your site. It will then build reports with a single click on your site. With this, you can quickly create segments of your visitors in a few clicks that you can then use in your targeted marketing campaigns.

#14 – How to Hack the Best Keyword Research for SEM and SEO

The terms SEO, Pay Per Click, and Content Marketing aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. At the root of all of these marketing strategies is keyword research. Knowing which keywords you need to target and promote, can be the difference between the life and death of your business.

A majority of your online marketing is reliant upon keywords, so you need to give them the attention they deserve. You can start with Google’s keyword planner tool, but there are many services that can take the baseline list. Google provides you and turns them into a massive list of keywords.

When you start spending money with Google Ads, you’ll quickly learn which keywords are the most profitable so you can begin to focus your resources on those ones. Until then, you need to cast a wide net because you don’t know which ones will be profitable. You can find the steps for completing this process at

#15 – How to Create a Form-Based Website

You’d be amazed at the data that you can collect when you provide a highly interactive landing page that contains a form or survey interface. With Typeform (, you can create a super slick looking from and embed it onto your site that will create a lead generating landing page that not only looks great, but that is fun for the user. They provide an enormous suite of integrations, and you can connect your form to a ton of different services, like MailChimp. Once you get comfortable with Typeform, you can start to use their conditional logic to ask respondents different questions that are based on how they answered the previous question.

#16 – How to Automate Lead Scoring to Funnel Leads to Specific Landing Pages

Imagine a web form that can collect lead data, score each lead, and direct them to a specific landing page, based on their score. This could ensure that each qualified lead would be taken to the page the best fits their needs to increase the chance that you’ll convert them. With the help of Formstack (, you can do just that. Formstack allows you to set up a form that will score the key questions, with a hidden field for the total score. Based on the total score they receive, the user will get a different confirmation message and call to action that you set up. You can use custom messages for short and simple calls to action and use external landing pages for more detailed offerings.

#17 – How to Get The Advice You Need Without a Huge Network

As a business owner having a fantastic network of contact is worth its weight in gold. However, it can take years to build a network of trusted individuals and can take years of your time investing in relationships without taking and adding value to their lives. There are many sites and services that you can use to get the right advice from people who have the right experiences, at just the right time. With a bit of research and some effort on your part, you can get solid advice on the challenges that you’re facing and use the information you get to make the best decisions for your business. You can use sites like (, ( or ( to get the advice you need when you don’t have a network.

#18 – How to Start a Blog in Under 5-Minutes

Launching a blog is easy to do, and it engages your brand with your customers while providing free organic traffic for years. The updated content on your site also signals to Google that you’re still in business. When you hear about content marketing, a lot of times it simply involves creating amazing content through your company blog and then amplifying the reach of the material through email, social media, and other paid channels.

#19 – How to Start Building Your Email List

Email marketing is the highest converting channel that you have at your disposal. One of your top priorities as a business owner is to collect as many qualified email addresses that you can. When you have a healthy email list, you can market to a pre-engaged audience and create massive, custom audiences based on the characteristics of your list. Email marketing continues to remain one of the highest converting channels in a business’ marketing tool kit.

#20 – How to Hack a Marketing Plan for Your Business Launch

When it comes time to market your product launch, you’ll want to save time determining the best marketing channels to utilize. In their book “Traction,” Justin Mares and Gabriel Weinberg introduce a methodology called Bullseye, which helps you brainstorm, analyze, and rank various marketing concepts over 19 different proven marketing channels. Going through the exercise will help you to select three channels that you can test inexpensively and in parallel to hopefully find a promising channel that you can optimize and scale.

Chapter Two – Hacks for Transitioning to Growth

After you’ve proven that your product will fit the market, the next thing that you’ll need to do is to start searching for growth opportunities. This is where you will be more scientist than a marketer. At this point, you want to begin to think about building marketing machines in your business that provide predictable, scalable, and dependable revenue. You’ll want to approach this phase of your business with an open mind and a healthy curiosity to experiment with different marketing opportunities, different channels, and different funnels.

#21 – How to Create a Viral Pre-Launch Signup Form

It may sound impossible, but you can acquire two, three, four or more users in one fell swoop when you create a viral pre-launch signup form. While you may already have a landing page for your product that allows people to leave their email and join a waiting list, but too often that’s where things grind to a halt. However, you can create a viral sign-up form to keep the traction moving forward. With a viral pre-launch form, users who share your app with a certain number of friends get put on your launch list. Those who share more get to move up high on the waitlist.

After users sign up for your waitlist, they receive a custom URL that they can share with their friends. You can track the URL and set up an email auto-responder series to send out emails to notify the waitlister each time someone has signed up as a result of their invites. Once they’ve invited the required number of people, they get a final email letting them know they’ve made your launch party. This can help to create tremendous buzz and excitement around your product launch.

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