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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Introduction To Web 3.0
Chapter 2:
Moving From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0
Chapter 3:
The Characteristic Of Web 3.0
Chapter 4:
Mechanics Of Web 3.0
Chapter 5:
Semantic Web – The Concept Behind Web 3.0
Chapter 6:
What’s Next After Web 3.0
Wrapping Up

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The internet is a infinite platform of information and this can be sources easily and conveniently with the right assisting tools. However besides having the most current and updated tools, there is a need to have the best applications to go with the tools to ensure optimal results. This is where the new web 3.0 takes the prize for its most current and up-to-date facilitating element for the web user. Get all the info you need here.

The Future of the Web

Chapter 1: Introduction To Web 3.0


Very simply explained as the next generation rave, the web 3.0 will make the task of searching for a number of things at any given time, easier and faster with the least amount of effort put in on the part of the user.

An example of which is as follows; if the user is making arrangements to watch a movie and to have a meal out, the browsing exercise will commence where the user will key in the request to view all movies available for the desired time frame.

The Basics

Then the user would want to access information on the movies identified as suitable for the time requested. Once this is successfully done, the user would then have to browse the web for the suitable eating arrangements to be identified and the relevant reservations to be made.

All this is time consuming and required the user to open several websites in order to finally narrow down the information needed to the complete outing endeavor.

The web 3.0 is a convenient application that helps the user eliminate a lot of the steps involved, and gets the information needed in the fraction of the time needed for the more conventional style of browsing.
All the user would have to do would be to key in a request of all the elements needed in one sentence and the web 3.0 will do the rest. The eventual results will present the user with the complete options, with the application doing all the work.

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