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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Greener Home Basics
Chapter 2:
About Home Energy Audits
Chapter 3:
About Energy Efficient Windows
Chapter 4:
About Green Insulation
Chapter 5:
About Eco Friendly Yards
Chapter 6:
About Greener Appliances
Chapter 7:
Finding a Green Home Builder
Chapter 8:
Choosing the Plans for Building a Green Home
Chapter 9:
Mistakes to Avoid
Chapter 10:
The Benefits of a Green Home

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Chapter 7: Finding a Green Home Builder


A green home builder will establish a house that is more likely to last the test of time. This person aims to build a well-constructed and durable house.

Most green home builders know that keeping a home is quite overwhelming. That is why; they always plan to build a home that requires less maintenance.

If you are longing to have a green house, you shouldn’t miss to look for the best green home builder. However, since there are various companies that offer similar services, you are probably confused on where to depend on. Instead of worrying about this issue, why not consider the following tips as your guide?

Tips on How to Find a Green Home Builder

Finding the best green home builder is not as easy as you think. But, if you know its exact process, you can easily get what you really want. Here are some considerations you have to take for a fast and easy searching:

Conduct a Research – To look for the best one, it is best to conduct your own research. Depending on your choice, you can browse your computer and scan several websites to get some hints.
Ask Experts – This is also an excellent way of getting the best green home builder. Just make sure that you consider the different suggestions of various experts and weigh each of them.
Read Reviews – To pick the right green home builder, you need to scan several reviews online. The more reviews you read, the more valuable information you will get.
Word-of-Mouth – This is the most preferred method of finding the best builder. It allows you the opportunity to view some of the past works of the green home builder.

Though you already knew how to find the right green home builder, it doesn’t mean that you already solved your major concern. Before dealing with the best one, you have to check your available budget. Not all home builders ask for a cheap service charge.

In some cases, homeowners think that they need to spend more money just to get their desired green home building services. If you are thinking the same way, you are totally wrong. There are various green home builders that offer quality and cheap service rates. All you have to do is to find them. Then, you will surely get the best home styles you desire.

Take note that finding the best green builder requires enough time and effort. Before dealing with any expert, make sure that you examine their qualifications, experiences and qualities.

As advised, don’t forget to check their portfolio. You also need to ask some of their previous clients to know how they really work. If you think that they are worthy to deal with, then, you can immediately talk to them and start planning how to work out your desired green home designs and styles.

Chapter 8: Choosing the Plans for Building a Green Home


Green building is one of the hottest trends in the building industry. In fact, most homeowners can make design decisions based on providing a building and healthy environment with sustainability in mind.
If you are searching for a plan for building a green home, you need to pick a plan with the goal of creating an easy, low-maintenance and budget-friendly home that is inviting and warm. As advised, make every decision with sustainability, aesthetics and budget in mind.

Criteria when Evaluating the Best Green Home Building Plans

To give you some references, here are the specific criteria that you can use when examining which plans deserve to be called green:

Compact Footprint and Value Engineering – Plans with simple exterior walls with few bays, corners or protrusions utilize less construction materials. Thus, these areas reduce waste, cost and labor. A smaller home also uses a few amount of energy to cool and heat and thus, it requires more affordable to maintain and build.
Hard-working and Flexible Spaces – Picking the best plan can do away with the need to move as your household shrinks or grows. Building plans with bonus rooms that put up later expansion are suitable for your bill. In addition, having the main living spaces and master suites on the first floor keeps the house accessible.
Passive Heating Potential – Search for large walls of windows. This can take the benefits of passive solar temperature if the house is properly sited. Additionally, a well-placed roof overhang can also offer energy-saving shade.

With your ideas on how to choose the plans for building a green home, you can easily build your dream house. Thus, you can easily decide what style and design you opt to build.

Chapter 9: Mistakes to Avoid


When building a perfect green home, homeowners always want to reduce the harmful impact on the environment. Consideration and careful thought must be placed on each aspect of their home designs.
If you are planning to build a green home, you should always avoid the common mistakes of homeowners and here they are:


1. Never Build More than You Need – Like other homeowners, you should know what exactly you need. You don’t have to build too much space, especially when you don’t need them. A green house that is too immense will contain unused space, wasted space and cost more to run.

2. Unable to Pick the Right Location – Finding the right spot for your green home is extremely important. Experts claim that building on a new site can destruct a peaceful ecosystem. It can also disturb the lives of local wildlife.

3. Failed to Use Solar-generated Products – When constructing your home, it should always have a Southern exposure. Through placing the front of the home due South, you can easily reduce your energy costs by 10%. It is also best to use materials that will absorb the heat of the sun.

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